Tim Tebow v. Chargers 2011 Weeek 4

Kyle Orton Leader of the Campaign, “Blow for Tebow”

Before you can “Suck for Luck,” you have to “Blow for Tebow,” and Kyle Orton did just that.

At halftime of the Devner Broncos at San Diego Chargers game a few fans headed towards the doors and missed Tebow Mania.

Tim Tebow put on a show though. That’s all Broncos fans want. Fans know they dont have a playoff caliber team. They know they don’t have a team that’s going to win much.

One thing they do know, every game here on out that Tebow starts will be entertaining and that Tebow gives them a better chance to win.

Its a win win situation for the Broncos. Lose the rest of the games, get Andrew Luck. Win a couple more games get best defensive player on the board.

Broncos would have a better shot at Luck if they didn’t have to play the Kansas City Chiefs twice.

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  • Come on now… You really think the Broncos will beat the Chiefs 2 times?

    No chance!

    How do you think the Broncos will play the rest of the season with Tim Tebow? Do you think he is an upgrade over Kyle Orton?

  • No . they should split the series like they always do. No matter how good or crappy the other team is, they splitt. Well xcept those BACK TO BACK superbowl years :)

    Tebow will be an overall upgrade to orton . Yes

    Mechanics/accuracy .. no

    The will to win, physically, athletically , and leadership wise yes.

    Tebow is a warior with a never give up attitude …

    Plus he has Jesus in his side. ;)

  • The Broncos had to put the Tebow thing to rest. I believe they did the right thing. Kyle Orton was not performing and was given 4 1/2 games to lead this team and failed. Whether Tebow turns out to be all the Denver hopes he does, well no one really knows, time will tell.

    My prediction for the Chiefs/Broncos games this season would be a split. I see the Chiefs and Broncos battling for the bottom spot in the division most of the season. Next week Denver should be able to beat a struggling Dolphins squad while I predict the Chiefs and Raiders have a close one, haven’t decided who I am going to pick in this one yet.

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