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A Chief concern against the Dolphins

You don’t have to think back very far to when the Kansas City Chiefs were on the brink of disaster after starting 0-3 and getting outscored 109-27.  Some of the concerns that people were looking at was the fact that in the preseason Todd Haley seemed to be easing up on the team and “taking it slow”.

We see where this landed the Chiefs as they came out of the gate very sluggish.  This week is a short week for the Chiefs coming off a exhausting win on Monday night against San Deigo.  Todd Haley has decided again to ease up but cutting reps, doing a walk-through, and opting to keep the Chiefs out of pads yesterday.

Is this a similar method in which they used in the pre-season?  Circumstances are completely different, but the method of easing up seems the same.  I know on a short week after a game like that the players are going to be worn down but is this anytime for the Chiefs to take their foot off the gas just because a 0-7 Dolphins team is coming to town?

The Dolphins are no team to overlook as they have been in several of their games this season.  If the Chiefs come out sluggish against Miami on Sunday I believe that the coaching staff is going to be under fire for the agenda they put in place this week.

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  • I won’t be able to relax until the clock hits double zeros in the fourth quarter. This games has me nervous.

  • Me too guys. I’m nervous as hell and prefer being an underdog. With that said, I think taking it easy now versus the preseason is totally different, and not detrimental. If the team can’t get up for this game with a chance to go a game up on the Chargers, who’ll most likely lose to the Pack, and maybe the Raiders with a potentially still “rusty Palmer,” sounds dirty I know, then I don’t think the problem is Haley and they most likely wouldn’t be able to contend for the division anyway. I’m nervously optimistic that they’ll play a solid game and win convincingly.

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