Denver Broncos Shopping Brandon Lloyd?

While some fans are  wondering WHY? I’m wondering WHAT?

Why would the Denver Broncos trade away their best WR, a Pro Bowl receiver at that?

Lloyd would have to be resigned and offered a hefty contract that the young Broncos are not willig to do.  Lloyd is currently 31 years old and by the time the rebuliding of the Broncos is at its prime he will be retired.

The Broncos have plenty of young WRs and need to see what kind of talent they have or what talent they will need to go after.  It’s not personal,  it’s just business. DJ Williams is also being shopped around.

The Broncos started the season with the fight to win win win.  However, now sitting at 1-4 going into the bye week, it’s time to change gears. Trade and get what we can for the guys that won’t be here next year or two years down the road, which is what they appear to be doing with Brandon Lloyd. I hate to see it happen, but it’s the business of the NFL.

Now the only question left to ask is what can the Broncos get for the Pro Bowl WR?

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  • I always forget Brandon Lloyd is that old. I suppose it is because he didn’t break-out until he was older.

    I read the Broncos are looking for a 3rd-5th round pick… I’ll give Jon Baldwin straight up!

    You’re right about the Broncos essentially “not needing” him. If this team were improving over last year’s play, then Lloyd would be nearly untoucable, but they look BAD!

  • Rumor has it tha Jon fox wants to trade him to Carolina for the backup qb jimmy clausen .. which would not go over so well with all the tebowmaniacs ..

    Oh and they don’t look that bad. 3 of the 4 games they lost were by less than a score. 2 of em were by a ft. It’s not like they were getting blown out like 48-3 or 41-7

  • That would be pretty funny.

    Trade away Cutler for Orton, Hillis for Quinn, then Lloyd for Clausen, plus drafting Tebow in the first round… Sounds like a pretty bad 3 years of trading for QBs, if you ask me…

  • thats why i said Jon Fox was wanting it, ,, Denver Brass wont let that trade go down i dont think, Inless the Genius Elway likes it aswell. The Last 2 yrs of trades should be washed away with the firing of McDumby and the Hiring Of Elway and his pet Fox.

    new Regime, cant count the last 2 yrs..

    (tyson Jackson)

  • I wouldn’t say a franchise can simply ignore poor trades and draft classes under any circumstance. Ultimately, someone in charge at the highest level, usually the one paying the bills, is still around.

    For my fantasy teams’ sake, I hope Lloyd goes somewhere he can produce big time… I have him in all 3 of my leagues…

  • Wow… That was cheap… 6th round pick that could turn into a 5th if Lloyd catches 30 balls for the Rams in 2011.

    I am amazed how much value is repeatedly put on an unknown in the NFL.

  • 5th round for Lloyd cause he will get 30 catches with McDaniels running that offense in StLouis and loves Lloyd,,

    5th rounder now or Nothing after deadline and he catches 50 more balls gets us 3 wins and he leaves Denver for Free, and we pick 7th or 8th.

    trade him for the 5th gives Denver More time to Develop the young WRs they have, More Game Time, and More practice reps with Tebow.

    Oh and for the comment before that, I highly doubt Bowlen stepped in much on the Draft picks. McDaniels came from New England and brought with him the Egotistic style that was there. you think Kraft told Belichick who to Draft. doubt it, not saying they stay out of it, but they will not say, NO your not drafting Tebow wioth your first round pick.

    P.S. Lloyd is on my fantasy team aswell so i hope he does well there, he should be #1 receiver there, Mcdaniels will use him like he used him in Denver! all plays went threw him ,, he was a pro Bowler with McDummy at the Helm!

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