Bobby Carpenter intercepts Tony Romo 2011

The Defense Strikes Back

In a season that has been dominated by the quarterback and the passing game, for at least one week the defense fought back.

While scoring and passing were still very high, there were 8 defensive touchdowns this week and one more that was called back in the Texans/Steelers game due to a roughing the passer penalty.

The Sunday night game between the Jets and the Ravens featured four defensive touchdowns and one special teams’ touchdown.  The Ravens defense scored three times while the Jets defense and special teams each scored one touchdown.If you take away non-offensive touchdowns from that game the final score would have gone from Ravens 34 Jets 17 to Ravens 13 Jets 3!

Earlier on Sunday, the Lions made their roaring comeback with back to back interception returns for touchdowns off of Tony Romo.  This woeful performance by Romo further solidified my position that Romo is overrated in Dallas in my post earlier in the week Romo’s Heart vs. Dirk’s Ring.  The Cowboys went on to have the biggest choke in their history.  A 24 point lead was blown and the Lions comeback was led by the defense.

The Chicago Bears also squeaked out a win against the Carolina Panthers thanks to one defensive touchdown and one punt return touchdown from the deadly Devin Hester.  This year will end with by far the most passing yards in NFL history as multiple quarterbacks look poised to take a shot at Dan Marino’s 1984 single season passing yards record, but for at least one week this season the defense can say they ruled the highlight reels.

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  • There was also a TD called back in the Bills/Bengals game… Stupid “Tuck Rule!”

    Andy Dalton practically had the ball pressed against his chest when it popped out…

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