Percy Harvin Scores Again

The NFL Friday Five

Nine-to-fivers, your weekend starts now. Let’s get it done right with the NFL Friday Five.

1. The NFL is all about streaks. Who’s hot, who’s not, and who will keep doing what they are bound to do. Few quarterbacks will ever be as consistent as Drew Brees, as he entered his 38th week with a touchdown pass. If he can keep this streak alive, he will have a shot at Johnny Unitas’s record of 47. On a side note, Tom Brady is currently on a streak of 27 consecutive games with a touchdown pass.

2. Speaking of streaks, the Kansas City Chiefs have been feast or famine in their last 19 games. Stretching back to last year, they went went 5-1, then 0-5, followed by 4-0, and 0-4. If history holds, they might end up with a 9-7 record for the year.

3. There are simply some players you should not punt too. Ever. For any reason. Patrick Peterson should never even be looked at by a punter, especially when you break down his current stats. This year, he has 4 punt returns for touchdowns, all from 80+ yards. It took him 31 returns to do this. The numbers significance is only made more apparent when you look at other return men. It took Devin Hester 197 returns, and Dante Hall 216 returns, before they were able to break 4 TDs for 80+ yards. NFL special teams coordinators: if you value your jobs, tell your punter to direct that sad little punt out of bounds.

4. With the regular season coming closer to its conclusion, a clear front runner has emerged for Defensive Rookie of the Year. Denver’s Von Miller has been an absolute terror on the field, and has accumualted 10.5 sacks in his short career. The numbers go just beyond sacks though, and some would say he may deserve to be the actual Defensive MVP. Thus far, he has an NFL high of 18 quarterback hits, 26 hurries, and most impressive of all HAS NOT MISSED A TACKLE SO FAR THIS YEAR. All of these stats have been provided by

5. In a quick parting shot, this weekend Percy Harvin ran a kickoff return back 104 yards and did not score a touchdown. More than that, Minnesota failed to convert any points on this drive at all.

Did you notice any interesting facts or statistics in the past few weeks? Hit up the comments section and let us know!.

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  • Patrick Peterson has to be the fastest player in the NFL, Your boy Von Miller has been Drinking the TEBOWAID since Tebow has been a starter Millers Tackles have gone up, he had 18 tackles first 5 games and 39 in the last 6 games. 3.6 tackles a game vs 6.5 almost double!! Plus 9 ast tackles to 3, This is one thing Tebow has done, brought some life to the Broncos.

    Nice article How about Rogers holding a unreal passer rating of 127.7 this season SICK!! Great stuff what life would have been without the NFL would of sucked.

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