5 game gauntlet

With a victory last Monday night against San Diego the Kansas City Chiefs now stand at 4-3 and tied for the division lead.  The next two weeks on their schedule show 2 teams with a combined 2-12 record.  So 6-3 is not at all out of reach for the Chiefs, but what lies ahead could be the very thing that keeps them from repeating as division champs.

Week 11-15 the Chiefs will have 5 opponents coming in with a combined record of 26-10.  They will face the Patriots, Steelers, Jets, Bears, and Packers and only two of the 5 will be home games.  I think the Chiefs are very likely to lose every single one of these games, in fact I would not pick them to win any of these games.

While the Chiefs have seemed to have split personalities this season, I do not think they are a playoff caliber team.  If I am wrong then these 5 games will prove what the Chiefs are made of.  No more speculation will be necessary. Does anyone give the Chiefs a chance to come out ahead on this 5 game gauntlet?



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