Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers

Can it get any worse?


Last night the Kansas City Chiefs lost in overtime 16-13 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Since the Chiefs did not lose by double digits and forced overtime with a superior team and organization, this should have been a positive story of sorts.  But all anyone is talking about is how the Chief’s danced and celebrated better than they play.  Whether it was Justin Houston and Tamba Hali playing footsy after getting a sack or Dwayne Bowe taunting a defender as he jogged into the endzone on a play that was actually called back, the Chiefs found a whole new way to embarrass the organization last night.  The cherry on top was the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty the defense got after scoring a touchdown that was also called back due to an overturned call.  That penalty then extended the Steelers drive instead of it ending in a punt.  It is painfully obvious this organization is a complete mess.  It is sad how far it has fallen over recent years.  While we all wanted Todd Haley gone for an underperforming team, his teams would not have repeatedly danced around like they were the team with the winning record and not the team about to go 1-8.  The Chiefs are in a heated battle with the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars for the worst record in the league.  The sad part is that the Chiefs are 1-8 and playing in the worst division in football the AFC West.  And since it is November and I am supposed to state what I am thankful for I decided to try and find something about the Chiefs I am thankful for.  As I dug for something or anything, I finally found something in their schedule I am thankful for.  I am thankful the Chiefs have no more primetime games the rest of the season so that way no one will see their embarrassing “performances”.

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