Randy Moss put on waivers by Vikings

With Randy Moss the Chiefs are among NFL’s elites

Many of you who know me also probably knew this article was coming. I strongly voiced my opinion back in the beginning of October when Jason Tarwater wrote Chiefs make right call avoiding Moss regarding Randy Moss‘s trade from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings.

At that time, it seemed that many most Kansas City Chiefs fans were in agreement… Chiefs fans wanted NOTHING to do with Randy Moss. The Chiefs were 3-0 and everything was perfect in Chiefs kingdom. The Chiefs are still playing well, and at 5-2, lead the AFC West, but this time, I think many fans may want to change their minds on the topic of Randy Moss in a Chiefs uniform.

Monday evening Vikings coach, Brad Childress confirmed that Moss would be placed on waivers, ending his four game second tour with the Minnesota Vikings, a stretch where the Vikings won only one game and Moss caught 13 balls for 174 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The Vikings are expected to officially place Moss on waivers Tuesday morning. Once on waivers, teams will have a chance to claim him based on reverse order of NFL rankings.

Don’t be surprised, however, if Moss never hits the waiver wire. Vikings owner, Zigi Wilf is reportedly very upset by the decision to waive a player he played a part in bringing back to Minnesota. It may be head coach Brad Childress who finds himself jobless Tuesday morning instead with Percy Harvin echoing Moss’s displeasure with the Vikings coaching staff and offensive philosophy and play-calling.

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    This time the Chiefs do not have to give up a draft pick, they simply have to pay Moss the remainder of his 2010 contract, $3.38 million. Chances are slim, however, that Moss will make it to the Chiefs at 25th in the waiver process.

    Adam Schefter via Twitter:

    Teams likely to consider claiming Randy Moss on waivers: Cowboys, Redskins, Rams, Bears, Dolphins, Raiders, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots.

    I am a HUGE fan of elite wide receivers, and no matter what you think of Randy Moss, he is a true #1 wide receiver.  Most Chiefs fans will agree that Dwayne Bowe simply is not a #1 talent and a true #1 WR is needed so that Bowe may be utilized to his full potential.

    Randy Moss would give the Chiefs a legitimate deep threat… Nnamdi Asomugha WILL completely shut down Bowe in week 9, and then again in week 17. Yes, the Oakland Raiders appear to be for real, scoring 92 points in their last two games!

    The Chiefs have scored 55.

    Moss would allow Bowe to move into a more comfortable role as the Chiefs’ #2 WR, away from the elite NFL corner backs. Randy Moss as #1 WR also opens up MUCH more for the slot receiver, Dexter McCluster (when healthy). There is no arguing, Moss created Wes Welker, and Welker’s stats post-Moss make that fact very clear to any NFL fan. Also imagine, NO team in the NFL would be able to stack eight or nine in the box to stop Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones… Stack the box; get burned deep. It is that simple.

    Scott Pioli was once part of the team who traded to acquire Randy Moss and Matt Cassel threw 11 TD passes to Moss in 2008, while filling in for an injured Tom Brady in 2008.

    This Chiefs team is missing ONE piece before they can be included in the discussion of NFL’s elite teams… The Chiefs are desperately missing a deep-threat in the passing game… With Moss, the Chiefs become one of the NFL’s elites!

    In the beginning of October, Chiefs fans were excited for the team’s hot start, but for the most part, were cautiously optimistic… Now that November has begun, every Chiefs fan is starting to feel the Chiefs are legit playoff contenders and want to do anything to win.

    In November, Chiefs fans see the NEED for a top-notch #1 wide receiver.

    In November, Chiefs fans know Matt Cassel absolutely cannot take over the passing game by himself in a critical situation.

    In November, Chiefs fans will want Randy Moss, whether they know it right now or not…

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    • @ChiefsCommand @tosspowertrap @ChrisSembower @ChiefsMagazine Hmmm…Def the talk of everyone today!

    • I know it’s not a trade, but I’m still not sold Moss is the right guy.

      He was supposed to “save” Minnesota’s season and got dropped. They’re begging someone to pick him up on waivers so they don’t have to keep paying him.

      Think of it this way – the Vikings have a stronger personality at quarterback than the Chiefs do (despite the one year they played together) and Moss still quit on plays.

      Another thought. The Vikings invested a No. 3 and another pick and are walking away from him. After 4 games.

      That’s two franchises who have given up on Moss this year. That’s not an isolated occasion of needing a “change of scenery.”

      You’re looking at this only one way. What Moss could IDEALLY do. What about what Moss could LIKELY do.

      Start with Bowe – who already has a TON of bad habits he learned from palling around with Larry Johnson. Like he needs to learn to take plays off and quit?

      What happens if Moss doesn’t get the ball as much as he would like? What happens when the team loses a couple of games? What happens when he and Haley clash?

      The Chiefs are banging the “Right 53″ drum. They have been. Damn near every single player they drafted this year was a team captain. This goes against that. Randy Moss has NEVER been a “character guy” in any locker room.

      I stand by what I said before. Bringing in a guy like Moss at this stage in the year – with the problems he’s had with coaching staffs in TWO cities (including Bellichick, who Haley is similar too) – you do that when you’re desperate to win. You do that when you’re Marty Schottenheimer toward the end of his time in KC.

      You don’t do it when you’re an up-and-coming team.

      The guy couldn’t keep going with a disciplinarian like Bellichick and his staff. he couldn’t keep going with a lax jellyfish like Brad Childress.

      We normally agree. But not on this. I think the risks are way higher than the potential rewards, particularly with a young team.

    • @ChiefsCommand we don’t need #moss he’s a locker room #cancer #nfl #chiefs

    • @chasrock1 Then why do his teammates in MN already want him back? I’m sick of the term “Cancer” in reference to an athlete. #Vikings #Chiefs

    • @RyleeInKC Which side of the line do you fall on the discussion?

    • @ChiefsCommand I honestly think Moss has ran his course. Now, could it help us or hurt us? Double edged sword…

    • @ChiefsCommand Moss wont bring nething 2 r team xcept truble We r progresin every week Moss can mak us regres We win with running and d #nfl

    • @Jason – I’m not going to listen to any “problem in the locker room” talk. There have been no legit mentions of that since Oakland… Or any character issues at all, actually.

      As far as Belichick, both of them deny any personal issues, so you are buying into unconfirmed media speculation there. In Minnesota, I feel comfortable in blaming the problems on Childress, and it appears that even more of the players are stepping up in agreement.

      While the Chiefs are saying the “Right 53,” that in no way means Moss is not part of the Right 53… Talent and ability is ALWAYS part of the Right 53.

      This offense doesn’t have anything special outside of Charles and Jones… That’s the missing piece.

    • @chasrock1 Let’s talk again after Asomugha single-handedly shuts down the #Chiefs pass game next week because the Chiefs lack a deep threat

    • @RyleeInKC He most likely won’t make it to the #Chiefs at 25th in waiver order. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t actually leave #Vikings

    • The fact that it would just be for this season takes away a lot of the risk. Moss has played with Cassel before so there is that connection. Yes, he is a bad teammate and a loon but if he is interested for half a season, the Chiefs could have a better chance of doing something in the playoffs.

      It is a real conundrum. I don’t think he falls to the Chiefs but the team should talk with him or his agent. How often does the league hand a team a schedule that allows a team that has improved like the Chiefs have to have a first-round bye in their grasp conceivably, Getting Moss would allow DBowe and/or Moeaki to be open. The Chiefs would be fools not to consider it at this point.

      If he drops to the Chiefs, get him. It could blow up in Pioli’s face but, for an organization that emulates what the Patriots do, it seems within reach,

    • @ChiefsCommand we dont need 2 pass We have da top rush off against one of da worst rush d + were 1 of da top rush d’s Perfect matchup 4 us.

    • @ChiefsCommand + Asomugha will be out #chiefs #nfl

    • @ChiefsCommand Well, I used to like the kid. did you hear those off the wall comments he made post game?

    • @RyleeInKC Everyone hates the “canned replies,” but also hate honest responses… It’s a bit strange if you ask me

    • Moss does not make the Chiefs elite because he is not an elite player. Plus, we’re too far down the waiver claim pecking order to make a claim for him. We’re currently 28th out of 32 teams. And it’s not like this is Brandon Lloyd or Roddy White. This is a 33 year old headcase. No thanks.

    • Also, name me ONE wide receiver who has ever single-handedly won a Super Bowl for their team.


    • @Brian – Moss IS an elite WR… Especially in the way he would benefit the Chiefs.

      Chiefs are 25th in waiver order, as Tweeted by Adam Schefter earlier, but I agree, he will not fall that far.

      Moss would do MUCH more than catch balls to help the Chiefs offense.

    • Here’s the real question Travis. If he’s as good as you say he is, why did TWO teams get rid of him in the same season? When was the last time you saw an “elite” player get removed from TWO rosters? If he’s not a problem and he doesn’t take plays off, why is he not with the Pats right now – a legitimately elite team who got rid of him?

      Brian: Chiefs are actually 25th on the list, not 28th. But the fact remains.

      Ditka went over his stats tonight and where he ranks. He’s not in the top 20 in receptions OR yardage. He averaged 3.25 RPG with less than 50 YPG and 13+ YPC in his time with Minnesota.

      He’s not elite any more than Favre is this year.

    • @Jason – And what has Wes Welker done since Moss left New England? Nothing. As I mentioned already, Moss does SO MUCH more than catch balls for the Chiefs… The main benefit being the threat of a deep pass for a TD.

      It seems nobody is actually arguing the actual points made in the article except saying Moss is not an elite WR. So, I assume that all other points are accepted, except you may believe he will not catch the balls thrown his way and that he is, in fact a locker room “cancer,” even though Vikings players have already said they want him back (do not want him to leave) and many Partiots players have said Moss was a perfect teammate.

    • @ChiefsCommand that was a nervous game on Sunday lol

    • not sure where i fall on this issue. obviously moss has a bad reputation for quitting and taking plays off, but talent wise and on paper he’d be a great add… who knows if it’d work or not. i doubt we’ll have to worry about it though

    • Travis: Without Moss, the Patriots are undefeated, beating a really good Baltimore team, as well as San Diego and Minnesota.

      My point remains. Two teams have already given up on Moss this year INCLUDING an elite team that is 3-0 without him. Minnesota’s only win with Moss was against a Dallas team that can’t get out of its own way.

      Did you watch last week’s game? He blatantly QUIT. He let balls drop right in front of him. He had ONE catch for 8 yards. His yardage has gone down each and every week with Minnesota, despite the thought that he should be getting MORE accustomed to the offense.

      In games in which Moss has a catch this season, his teams (NE and Minnesota) are 3-4. That’s not elite. Minnesota was 1-2 without him, 1-3 with him.

      The argument isn’t about Bowe becoming a better player. It’s about the Chiefs becoming an elite team. Elite teams win. Moss hasn’t won this year.

      If he does fall into the lap of the Chiefs with the 25th waiver claim, that would mean 25 other teams (counting the Patriots) would have passed on Moss’s services this year.

      While I agree the Chiefs need a No. 1 receiver, Moss is not that receiver. Hell, at the start of the season, everybody on here for one year would have taken Favre over Cassel. Would you still make that move today? I wouldn’t.

      Moss has the name. Right now he doesn’t have the talent. I don’t think “third time is the charm” is going to work here.

      Now, please address MY argument that if he is not a “problem,” then why is he about to play for his THIRD team in a season. And please tell me the last “great” player who played for three teams in a season.

    • The Pats already addressed the reasons for releasing Moss, and I accept their reasons. I did address the Vikings… The problem in Minnesota is Childress, not Moss, not Favre… and MULTIPLE players have/are stepping forward and saying so.

      I’ve been reading a lot of Vikings fan reactions, they ALL seem to agree.

      You’re asking me to address your comments, which I already did multiple times, but still you haven’t disagreed with anything I wrote… I NEVER said anything about Moss catching balls in the post…

      Adding Moss benefits the Chiefs most by requiring defensive game planning and on the field resources, and yes a completed deep pass/jump ball every once in a while will benefit greatly as well.

    • I don’t see him contributing that much on the field, honestly. With a guy that is notorious for quitting – and did less than 36 hours ago – that doesn’t help this team with what Haley is trying to do.

      With the way players have been treated for not working hard, not playing hard, not practicing hard – bringing in Moss is a slap in the face to guys like Derrick Johnson who (though the best linebacker on this team) did not play because of his attitude and playing habits.

      I don’t think Moss’s play on the field – and notorious attitude that has showed its head this year – makes him not a fit for what this team is trying to do.

      This team needs a No. 1 receiver. I’ve never disagreed with that. In fact, I’ve been banging that drum all year. I just don’t think Moss really adds anything. I think the risk WAY outweighs the potential rewards, especially for that salary.

      I respect your opinion, but we’re not going to agree on this. Moss hasn’t shown me a consistent enough effort this year. In fact, I will argue the Patriots are just as good without him offensively as they were with him. They don’t miss him.

    • No, we’re not going to agree, and that’s fine…

      I think Clark Hunt spending the money on Moss for the remainder of the 2010 season would actually show fans that he intends to make an effort to win in the future, whether Moss helps them win in 2010 or not.

      He has been notoriously cheap since taking over the team… Time to show fans he cares about winning.

    • Oh, and you said why the Patriots did NOT trade him – saying it wasn’t for “personal” reasons. But you never addressed why they did.

      I still feel BEYOND leery of taking a chance on a guy two other teams let go in the same season.

    • And Clark showed the team he was serious about winning when he brought in Pioli from the best franchise in football at the time. I don’t think anyone doubts the direction this team is going in right now. At least they’d better not.

    • I said I don’t dispute any reports of the Pats as to why they traded him.

      Also, I honestly think Childress being canned in the morning is just as likely as Moss hitting the waiver wire. There was a lot of talk out of MN that Childress could get canned if they lost against the Patriots

      Wouldn’t be surprised to see both happen either.

    • Why are we talking about Randy Moss joining the Chiefs when we are still suspect at the QB spot? All I see are more problems with RM saying he is unhappy with the organization. Hell, I’m a fan and can’t stand that damn QB. When the Chiefs spent all that money to make Cassel the Franchise I stopped spending money on KC merchandise. That money could have went to Mike Vick which clearly would have been our missing piece.
      I continue to route for my Chiefs, but that’s as far as it goes from there. KC won in my eyes in piecing in the players they have now, but as usual they find a way to lose at the QB spot. Non team related, this is all organization hate being said.
      Bring us Vick and we will have respect from the league again. A decade ago, there was no way we would be 5-2 and still don’t have respect from the league. If that doesn’t piss you off then you don’t need to be the owner of our team. Fans, help me shake this up by spreading the word that we want Vick…

    • @Chris: I don’t think Vick is the answer at QB. I am not happy with Cassel but I don’t think Vick is the answer either nor would he command respect from the league. I wouldn’t worry about what the rest of the league and it’s fans think. It takes a while for people to recognize a team that has won five games in the last seven and that is half the win total of the last three years. The Chiefs will get their respect in time. This isn’t fantasy football, though. You can’t just plug in a QB.

    • @ChiefsCommand @bobfescoe @NewSchoolSS @getnickwright too many ifs and buts for this too work out hence me 100% opposed.

    • @ChiefsCommand yeah but do u think Randy Moss will actually fall down that far to us?

    • @ChiefsCommand stranger things have happened tho.

    • @ChiefsCommand Scott Pioli and Belichick brought him to New England. Got to make a move to get him in Kc,but 25th it’s gonna be hard.

    • @ChiefsCommand Report: SEA, STL, MIA, TEN considering Moss http://www.rotoworld.com/content/HeadLin

    • Why not take a flier on a guy for 8 weeks for 3 mil in an uncapped year? If he falls to KC he should be taken, KC isnt a Super Bowl team now but add Moss the passing game opens up plus takes players out of the box opening up Charles and Jones

    • Leave Moss Alone! Please do not interupt the progress over the last two seasons by a “Quick Fix” that may not be around that long to begin with.

    • @Zach – I’m right there with you… What’s the harm… You can just waive him if he doesn’t work out!

      @Dean57 – Everyone wants to compare the Chiefs to the Patriots… Well the Patriots ALWAYS take chances on guys who have had issues. See: Corey Dillon, Randy Moss

    • Saw this report as to part of the reason Moss was let go. This has been confirmed by a couple of reporters – including Peter King.


    • @Jason – Ya, that’s pretty ridiculous… I hate when people complain about free food.

    • If the Chiefs think they have a chance to win a Super Bowl RIGHT NOW, then I say take the chance.

      Here’s a factor I didn’t take into account though. Whichever team takes Moss, will get a compensatory draft pick after the season.

      So this could benefit the Chiefs in more ways than one. The risk is far too high in my mind though.

    • @Brian – Really? I hadn’t heard that, and couldn’t seem to find it in the 2010 NFL Rule Book

    • Maybe Randy Moss is smarter than he’s getting credit for – Uh oh: Receiver Randy Moss is willing to sit out the season if he doesn’t like who claims him


      Teams play around with players all the time, is it possible Randy Moss didn’t want to be with the Vikings all along, and has played them so he could land on a contender?

      Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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