Todd Haley v. Vikings 2011 NFL Week4

Let’s Win One for the Gipper!

I don’t get it, Chiefs fans! Last year we were all in love with Todd Haley. We couldn’t get enough of his scruffy beard, lack of self hygiene and dirty clothes look! We all were like,  ”Man, this guy is dedicated to this team so much he forgot to do the 3 Ss (Sh!t, Shower, Shave)!” Well maybe not the first one. You get what I’m saying though, winning cures all and the season is way, way, way from over!

The Chiefs are in a great position to come out of the next four games  @ 4-4 with a shot at the playoffs still! I know, I know what about “SuckforLuck” well that is garbage to me! You really want to pack it in for the season and start losing?!! If we start loosing now the stadium will not be full and the ability to see the Chiefs on TV will not exist anymore! You will have to find an illegal internet site to stream the game (who does that?)!

Further more, we can beat the Colts… then comes a well deserved bye week where we can wrap our hands around what is going on with this team! Come out of the bye week with a healthy and hopefully potent offense, a defense that is gaining steam and a 2-3 record. Then comes the RAIIIDERSSSS! (I really hate when people say that too by the way!) The Raiders don’t scare me. They run the ball, that is it. Jason Campbell is Matt Cassel’s brother from another mother! The Raiders are 29th against the rush and 22nd against the pass! The Chiefs should be able to pass all over them, especially if we have a healthy Jon Baldwin to help out Dwayne Bowe!

After the Raiders, is a Chargers team that is well over-rated! Chiefs should have beat them at San Diego, but  peed down their legs. Then comes a horrible Dolphins team that can’t decide what they want to do at QB and make it look like they have all ready jumped on the “Suckforluck” train!

I said we can come out of this 4 game stretch @ 4-4 but honestly I think we can be a solid 4-3 looking at a tie for the division. Lets all just take a deep breath and not panic quite yet and give Haley a little credit. This guy did take a team that wasn’t a whole lot different last year to the playoffs! He is missing his big game tight end, future stud safety and maybe a the league’s best running back!

I feel that everyone sees that we are 1-3 and just horrible. Well we lost to a solid Buffalo Bills team, stud Detroit Lions squad and we should have beat the Chargers!

Further more, lets take a step back from the “Suckforluck” thing and think big. If we some how go 8-8, that is a solid, but not disappointing season and we could get the next big thing in the draft! Which is Robert Griffin III! This dude is the hybrid of Michael Vick, meaning he can actually throw the ball and looks to throw the ball! I do like Andrew Luck, but I don’t want to lose 14 games! That is never fun for the fans or anybody, because I like to sit on my couch and watch the Chiefs on TV, instead of my computer chair watching a bootleg internet feed!

Let’s all just breath and pray that we don’t lose anybody else to injury and support this team! Lets all just trust Todd Haley like we did last year and ride this thing out! I like his fire and think he is one of the best offensive minds in football, but might not have the approval from GM Scott Pioli to show that talent.  Lets win one for the GIPPER!

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  • Kyle, welcome to Chiefs Command!

    I love your optimism… I agree, if the Chiefs can get to 4-3, the AFC West will be very winnable.

  • Kyle Squires…you have reached into my head and taken my thoughts,

    I think Luck would be nice, but RGIII is the next QB in the new age QB wave of the future. i never though losing 14 games was a good thing on any level. even to get Luck. with that said…RGIII is the kind of player that would make us soooooo dynamic, and we could get him and still have him behind Cassel for at least one more year while he decides whether he can stay out of his own way enough to become , and remain, a middle of the road QB with a premium contract and agent. he should send his agent a thank you note after every game check he cashes, for the work he did. anyway…Fu#k suck for Luck. let’s go 50/50 for RGIII

  • oh, and by the way…I dont know if you’ve listened to the predator of the prairie podcast…but I hate Haley, and always have. he’s is douche supreme, and does a horrible job of acting like a football coach who has been in the trenched himself enough to have earned the right to act like he’s been there. pathetic.

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