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What does this Win Mean?

Yesterday the Kansas City Chiefs beat the playoff contending Chicago Bears 10-3.  In the preseason, this looked like it could be a great matchup between two teams that would be making a run for the playoffs.

Instead, due to many significant injuries on both sides, this was a slow and ugly game between two teams that seem to be in limbo.  Both teams are without their starting quarterbacks, Matt Cassel and Jay Cutler, and the Chiefs even had to go without their new starting quarterback Kyle Orton.  After his very first play as a Chief, Orton dislocated a finger on his throwing hand and was out the rest of the game.

The Bears entire offense is now predicated on Matt Forte and the running game but o wait, he gets hurt on his 5th carry of the game.  The Chiefs are already without pro bowl running back Jamaal Charles.  This game was left to two hot defenses facing off against two back up laden offenses.  The Chiefs defense shut down Caleb Hanie and the Bears offense.  Hanie threw 3 interceptions just like he did last week in his first career start against the Oakland Raiders.  Hanie now has 2 Touchdowns and 6 interceptions in his first 2 career starts.

On the bright side, the Kansas City Chiefs defense put up a 2nd straight great performance.  Romeo Crennel and his defense may save Todd Haley his job.

On the dark side, what does this win mean for the Chiefs?  Does anyone really believe they deserve to be in the playoffs?  If they did make it, how bad would we lose our first round game?  I’m not saying I want the Chiefs to throw their remaining games for a higher draft pick, but what do winning these final games do?  The players are playing for a job next year, and the coaches are coaching for a job next year.  As a fan who wants the Chiefs to build a dynasty type team, I wonder what do wins mean for the rest of the season?  This past victory gave the Chiefs some slight hope, but all this win does is seemingly prolong the pain of knowing this season is over.

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  • With the way the Fightin’ Tim Tebows are playing… I don’t think anyone else has a shot in the AFC West.

    Hey Raiders fans, still excited about Carson Palmer?!?!? What a turd!

  • I am definitely torn between wanting the Chiefs to win but also wondering with each win how is that going to hurt us with our draft pick. I just can’t bring myself to not root for them!

  • I can never root against “my team.” I was at the bar yesterday, and watched a few Vikings fans, wearing Vikings gear, actively rooting against Minnesota. It was disgusting!

  • That is why I wrote this. I refuse to root against the Chiefs but am not pumped up over a win at Soldier field since it almost seems pointless

  • A win is a win and I will be repping my chiefs gear as always, just get to rub it in to my buddy who is a Bears fan. First thing he said to me was FUCK YOU AND YOUR CHIEFS!! just that got me my satisfaction for the week!!

    @travis Palmer is more like diarrhea. LOL

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