Which AFC West team improved most in 2010?

Many NFL experts, analysts, sports news websites, TV shows and radio personalities have ranked the Kansas City Chiefs last in their pre-season NFL power rankings amongst AFC West teams.

Have Scott Pioli and the Chiefs organization done enough in the off-season to make the Chiefs competitive?

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  • I am taking the CHiefs as the most improved team in the AFC West. The additions of Weis and Crennel to the Chiefs coaching staff are much bigger than any other player or coaching additions made to any team in the AFC West… Including players added through the draft.

  • I'm with ya on the coaches…Our combined coaching staff (counting Pioli in the mix) have 25 WINNING SB rings. I don't think that's matched anywhere (or at any other time). Crennel has 5, you can guarantee he's being listened to!

  • From the start of 09 to start of 10, no one is more improved than the Chiefs. One could make the argument that the Raiders should be considered much improved just for getting rid of the sack of poop Russell.

  • @Tom I think most people think the Raiders are good solely on the reason they got rid of Russel. I don't think simply getting rid of one player makes a team better. Sure, the Chiefs got better once Larry Johnson left, but not a whole lot better.

    The Raiders defense has some playmakers, but their offense is just horrible. I'll see your Zach Miller and raise you Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers and Dexter McCluster. I'll see your Michael Bush and raise you Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster.

    And I'll venture out and say Matt Cassel is as good as, if not better than Jason Campbell.

    Campbell was a disaster in Washington, and say what you want about how toxic the environment was in DC, it can't be too much better in Oakland.

  • I can't speak for anyone else, but the reason I'm worried about the Raiders is from watching them in the recent preseason. Besides being 3-1, they beat the cowboys, bears, and seahawks. Their only loss was to SF by 4. As far as their offense being horrible, they scored 100 points in the preseason, We scored 59.

    They are not the faiders of old…

  • Weis and Crennel don't play on the field, the Raiders are the most improved team in the AFC West.

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