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What to Watch for: San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Rejoice! What to Watch for is making its glorious comeback! All of your weeks will once again be complete as you are enlightened with the main things I will be watching for this week. Let’s start with the hot topic of the season:

Jamaal Charles:

Yes, I can read your mind. You are sitting there reading this article saying, “All I ever read about on Kansas City Chiefs blogs are about how few carries Jamaal Charles gets”. I know you are probably sick of it, but how can we not talk about it. The man is clearly the most talented player we have on offense. He is one of the biggest game changing threats in the NFL. I defended the play-calling after the San Diego Chargers game because I felt that the rain was the culprit. There is no excuse for not giving him the ball against Cleveland. The luck might run out soon, because if the Chiefs lose sunday and Jamaal doesn’t play much, there are going to be some seriously pissed off Chiefs fans, starting with ME!

The Offense as a Whole:

Let’s be honest here guys. Our offense has looked absolutely horrid this season. The ‘experts’ at the beginning of the season all said that the Chiefs had the ability to be a high powered offense, but the biggest fault was the young, inexperienced defense. WRONG AGAIN! Yeah we are only two weeks into the season, and yes we do possess plenty of unproven talent on offense. However, the defense is the only reason we find ourselves atop the AFC West at 2-0. The San Francisco 49ers possess a very strong defense, by far the best defense we have played so far. With the way our offense has looked so far, I am not very optimistic. This offense needs to move the ball, give the defense plenty of time to catch their breath, and for heaven’s sake, can we for once score a LEGIT touchdown off of a LEGIT drive?!

Front Seven (D-Line Especially):

Every game the Chiefs play, the D-line play is crucial in many ways, but maybe none more than the fact that they really need to develop. We have two top five draft picks on that line, and they need to show their worth. This game will be crucial for them. I’m sorry, but Alex Smith isn’t very good. I am not too concerned with the 49ers passing torching the secondary. Yes, they have Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, but Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr have been very solid this year. The front seven needs to stop Frank Gore and the rushing attack. This man is an absolute BEAST. If they can contain Gore, and make the 49ers take to the skies, it could mean a 3-0 start heading into the only real tough stretch of the season.

All in all, I think the Chiefs have a very realistic shot at winning this game. The 49ers are going to come in hungry. They are 0-2 after a debacle against the Seattle Seahawks and a very hard fought, tough loss against the New Orleans Saints, they will feel like this is a very winnable game for them, and they will realize the difference of 1-2 and 0-3. On the contrary, I believe the Chiefs have another great shot at winning. This game is HUGE because it would guarantee a winning record after playing @Houston and @Indianapolis back to back. The Chiefs need to go out and play their game, not turn the ball over and contain Frank Gore. If they can do these things, they will have a great chance to come out on top.

And can we PLEASE give Jamaal Charles some carries?!?!?!

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  • funny thing is, Arrowheadpride.com released an article 6 minutes before this one saying that the Chiefs need to shut down Frank Gore and make Alex Smith beat them… is there an echo in here?

  • Damn, should have scheduled that post to publish at 8:53, rather than 9am.

  • Shutting down Frank Gore is like trying to shut down a wal-mart. You can try, but you will certainly fail.

  • A consensus! Seneca Wallace is hard to sack but the Chiefs' line could have bothered him a little bit more. I think the Chiefs are capable of stopping Gore and challenge Alex Smith to beat them. Smith looked good last week but I still doubt him.

    The Chiefs might have trouble scoring on the 49ers defense, however. I don't blame the coaching staff if they were saving JC or didn't think they needed him (because they didn't). They should, however, use him more and I think they will. I agree that it probably won't mean a Chiefs win but let's hope that the Chiefs' home field advantage and preparation time advantage helps.

  • As important as Charles will be Sunday, he's not the most important factor. The most important factor will be how the Chiefs run defense does against Gore. If they can slow Gore down, hold him under 100 yards, Chiefs have a good chance.

    But if the rush defense doesn't show up, it doesn't matter WHAT Jamaal Charles does. He's not good enough to overcome that.

    Without the rush defense, that ENTIRE San Francisco offense shows up. Vernon Davis, Josh Morgan, Crabtree. There are some weapons. I don't trust Smith, but I trust him a lot more if Gore is destroying the 3-4. And you KNOW Jimmy Raye is going to establish the run.

    Stopping the run is the priority, not Charles' touches.

  • Never said Charles' touches were the priority, that just happened to be at the top. This is just what I will be watching for this week. I also have 3 things that I included, the rush defense being one of them. So yes I agree with you Jason, but Charles' touches will be crucial as well in my opinion, unless Jones is tearing it up.

  • KC did a pretty decent job of containing Antonio Gates, and I'm sure they'll do the same thing against Davis. Gore is the problem. A big, big problem.

    We have to control the clock and sustain drives. Arrowhead will be rocking again, though. Maybe the home field advantage will be the x-factor in going 3-0…but this is going to be a very very tough game.

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