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What to Watch for: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

Ladies and Gents’, I’ve missed you all dearly this week. I felt that the previous What to Watch for thread wasn’t very thrilling, so we will be implementing a few minor changes this week.

  1. First, no more predictions. Ever since I started making them the Kansas City Chiefs have been losing. So we are going to cut that out immediately
  2. Second, I want to hear some suggestions from you all. What will you be watching for this week? Click my profile and shoot me an e-mail.
  3. I will also be adding a weekly ‘Game to Watch for’ that isn’t the Chiefs game. I won’t go in depth, but I know many of you watch multiple games on Sundays and I will just let you know what else I will be watching. Hopefully these spice things up a bit

So lets get started:

Arrowhead Stadium:

I am really anxious to see if Arrowhead Stadium will be rockin’ or not. I think all Chiefs fans are very excited about the direction this team is going, but Kansas City has a tendency to be a ‘fair-whether fan’ city. We are great fans when the teams are playing well. Now I am by no means saying this applies to all of you. I know plenty of people, myself included, that are die-hards win or lose. All I am saying is we haven’t had a completely full stadium since Monday Night Football; even during the San Francisco 49er beat down.

Newest Chiefs Posts

    Defensive Rebound:

    I have NO DOUBT that the defense will rebound after last week. The D has been the strong point of this team all season; last week being the exception. The Houston Texans have an incredibly explosive offense, and sometimes they are nearly impossible to stop. With that being said, this is a good week to test our ability to bounce back. Maurice Jones-Drew is a very good running back and David Garrard can catch fire occasionally (although he may miss this game due to injury). Nevertheless, the Tennessee Titans held this offense to an impressive 3 points, and I don’t see why we can’t do the same.

    Matt Cassel:

    Matt Cassel is coming off of his best statistical start as a Chief. I know, I know, the Texans have the worst pass D in the NFL, it’s a fluke right? The truth is, I really don’t know; that’s why this is in my WTWF thread. I think Cassel made a lot of very good throws last week. I don’t care who is playing defense. The first TD to Dwayne Bowe was a fantastic throw. Cassel managed the game, didn’t turn the ball over and played very smart football. Jacksonville doesn’t have a very good pass defense either, so it will be interesting to see how Matt follows up last weeks performance.

    What to Watch for: Across the NFL

    New England @ San Diego

    This game should be a decent one. The San Diego Chargers have suffered some harsh defeats over the last few weeks, and the New England Patriots lost a key part of their offense. Last week, the Chargers took another step back and the Patriots seemed to chug along without missing a beat. This could be a make-it-or-break-it game for the Chargers. A loss here, with the Chiefs completing the hardest part of the schedule, could potentially erase San Diego’s playoff hopes.

    Honorable Mention: Oakland @ Denver, Minnesota @ Green Bay

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    • I want to see the Chiefs pulverize the Jaguars worse than the Titans did. The Jags have QB issues. As long as MJD doesn’t run for 300 yards, the Chiefs should have control of this game. This could be the first time the secondary won’t have to worry about a good receiver/ TE. They could use a game like this.

      In the NFL, Pittsburgh@Miami should be a good game I haven’t seen much of the Dolphins but they have been impressive thus far. I would like to see San Diego and Minnesota further maimed, too.

    • Nice read!

      Here’s a little tid-bit for everyone… Matt Cassel is on pace to throw more TDs and less INTs than his final season in New England… Yards are down.

      The #2 game I want to see this week is the Giants @ Cowboys – As much as I hate the Giants… I enjoy watching the Cowboys struggle even more!

    • Yeah I almost put Pittsburg on their but I really don’t think the dolphins are completely legit. They have a lot of pieces, but I’m not sold on their D. I think Pittsburg dominates that game.

      Giants and Cowboys should be solid as well, but the Cowpies are just horrendous. So much for the Super Bowl every ESPN analyst called for!

      I really hope the Chiefs come out and lay the hammer down on the depleted Jags. I just don’t want us to play bad and lose a game we should easily win. This is a big game for the Chiefs. After a heartbreaker, you have to come out strong. Nothing you can do about last week.

    • What, nobody wants to see San Fran at Carolina?

    • Ya know, I had that on the Honorable mention, but for some reason I chose Minny and GB. sorry, i know.

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