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What to Watch for: Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Hey everyone, my name is Andy Kelley. I will be your weekly Wednesday blogger, and when the season comes around I will most likely be doing a What To Watch For/ Reports From Practice post. Those posts will usually be about who is running with the first team in practice, and what we should watch for during the next weekends game. I will also try to include a little scouting report on our opposition. However, considering that the last pre-season game is tomorrow, and the main focus now is on position battles, I will tell you a little bit about what I will be watching for, seeing that I will be in attendance tomorrow night sitting behind the opposing bench in beautiful row 21.

Final WR Spots

This seems to be a pretty popular topic as of late, considering that we have 9 WRs on the roster (10 if you count the Dex-Factor). I will mainly be watching the performance of my favorite Jeremy Horne. I will be honest with you all when I say that I have a man crush on him. He has been able to torch the opposing secondary and watch as our QB’s consistently overthrow him. Granted, he might be torching the second and third team defenses, but he did score with the first team. This guy has the tools to be a solid receiver. I have watched him in practice and I really like his ability to create separation after the ball is thrown. Jerheme Urban hasn’t seen a lot of action, but I think he should still make the team. It will be exciting to watch, even with Tyler Palko getting a lot of playing time.

Starting Free Saftey

I will be the first to say that I really am not the biggest fan of John McGraw. He really is a solid veteran who knows his stuff, but he just isn’t near fast good enough to start in the NFL. He can play special teams and be very solid there. He can even come in to fill a spot and give someone a break, but it is embarrassing that he starts for the chiefs. Kendrick Lewis is a guy who I have been very impressed with throughout camp. I was really confused when we drafted him, but I have been nothing short of amazed by how quickly he has adapted to the NFL game. I remember a few years back when we had our safeties of the future in Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page, but hopefully Lewis and Berry can be the dynamic duo that Pollard and Page never became; or never had time to become…

ILB – Derrick Johnson/Javon Belcher or Corey Mays/ Demorrio Williams?

When it comes to this debate, I honestly think that neither one of these options is the best one. Personally I feel that Derrick Johnson and Demorrio Williams would be a great combination. With that being said, the big man (and the one who’s opinion really matters) seems to disagree. Todd Haley has come out and said that he will not use a combination of Williams and DJ. OK. So, considering our remaining options, DJ and Javon Belcher should get the nod. Williams is good, and had a ton of tackles last season. Corey Mays showed flashes last season, but I feel like he has been too slow to the hole this preseason, and seems to be out of place a lot. Now you guys can rain on me with comments about how DJ disappears and whatever, but I don’t care. DJ is a natural playmaker, bottom line. He disappears way too often, but he is a very talented player and the sky is the limit for him. Belcher has been a pleasant surprise this preseason as well. He seems to have a nose for the ball and is one of the most sure tacklers on this team. When push comes to shove, I believe that we will see both combinations throughout the season, but, in my opinion, the starting nod has to go to DJ and Belcher.

Either way I am very excited for the game tomorrow night. It will be my inaugural trip to the new Arrowhead Stadium and I get to see some players as they give it everything they’ve got to make this team. 22 players will be left behind in these next few days, and that kind of urgency and intensity should make for some great second string football!

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  • I really hope Kendrick Lewis can eventually beat out John McGraw. I don't think it will be Game 1, but if Lewis can't beat out McGraw the KC secondary may be in even more trouble.

  • Obviously I would prefer DJ and Williams play at the same time but Haley says thats a no-no.. So I would prefer DJ and Mays. we all know what DJ can do and Mays had a surprising year last year and has looked good so far. never been that impressed with Belcher.

  • Good news is that I had great seats to watch my boy Jeremy Horne make himself look like an idiot!

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