What to Watch for: Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs

Ahh, what a week it has been. My Indiana Hoosiers continue to suck it up, making each and every Kansas City Chiefs game that much better. I am finally glad that the Chiefs are beating teams that they should beat, and beating them handedly. After a sub-par first half, the Chiefs came out firing and never looked back.

Considering how the officiating affected a couple situations in other games this week, I will be adding another new section to this post, making it even better. I can hear you all now, “But Andy, What to Watch for is already an incredible post, easily my favorite of the week. How could you possibly make it any better?” I know, but I have done the impossible before, and I will do it again, by adding a “Pet-Peeve of the Week” section. Bring it on.

The First Quarter/Half:

This past week the Kansas City Chiefs came out a little sluggish. The Jacksonville Jaguars were very thin at the quarterback position, and just an overall inferior team when it comes to talent. The Chiefs let Todd Bouman throw all over them, and it was just an ugly half (even if we had a lead).

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    This week, the Chiefs need to not take the Buffalo Bills lightly. I think that having the Bills take the Baltimore Ravens to overtime was the best thing that could have possibly happened for the Chiefs. This way, none of the players will take them as a pushover. I believe that the Chiefs had some sort of ‘self-entitlement’ last week in the first half, causing their poor play. Kansas City needs to come out firing early and often and put the inferior Bills away; the longer they stick around, the better chance they have at an upset.

    Matt Cassel:

    All you doubters leave now! Matt Cassel is PRO BOWL BOUND! I hear a faint “M-V-P, M-V-P”. All joking aside, the man is playing very good football these last two weeks. I don’t care who we are playing against, a good throw is a good throw. Stats for the last two weeks: 70.2% completion, 394 yards, 5 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. Matt needs to keep doing what he is doing. This offense has a perfect set-up. The #1 rushing attack in the NFL just pounds it down the opposition’s throat, with the occasional dump off and short throw, and then BOOM, before you know it the 40+ bomb hits you like a train. Cassel needs to keep playing smart football, and the Chiefs should continue to win.

    Eric Berry:

    This past week, Eric Berry finally got the monkey off his back. Being the only rookie with a major role to not make a big play all year, he can now relax and just play good football. I am in no means saying he hasn’t been good this year, because he has been excellent against the run, and minus a few bad blown coverages, solid in the pass as well. All I am saying is that I personally believe that he put way too much pressure on himself to come in and be an immediate pro-bowler. Look for Berry to have an incredible second half of the season, and solidify himself as a force on the defense and hopefully become the Defensive Rookie of the Year.

    What to Watch for: Across the NFL

    A) Green Bay @ New York Jets

    B) Houston @ Indianapolis

    I couldn’t decide which game to choose, so we will just break down both of them:

    Packers vs Jets

    The Packers are a team that has proven to have an inability to close out close games. As a starter, Aaron Rodgers is 2-11 in games decided by 4 points or less and 0-5 in overtime. The Packers won a close game last sunday night, and are maybe showing signs of an ability to close. One of the leagues most potent passing attacks faces off against arguably the best defense in the league.

    Texans vs Colts

    The Texans made a big statement in week one by not only beating the divisions perennial power, but by literally running them out of the stadium. They have a chance to prove that they are a real threat to knock of the defending AFC champs and it couldn’t come at a better time. The Colts have been hurt all year, and they are as hurt as ever right now. This could be another statement game for the Texans.

    Honorable mention: Minnesota @ New England, Pittsburg @ New Orleans

    Pet-Peeve of the Week:

    I don’t like blaming losses on officials, but just like any other fan, I can’t help it. This week’s PP has to be NFL officials continuous actions of not letting the play pan out. My example is the Pittsburg Steelers game. Every NFL fan had to see the abysmal ruling on the Ben Roethlisberger fumble/touchdown. The refs had a premature touchdown call that ruined the Miami Dolphins chances at victory. If the officials just let the play pan out as a fumble, they uncover the pile and see who ends up with the football. If they do that, they can always go back and change the call to a touchdown if need be. Instead, when they decide that it really was a fumble, they have no way to tell who recovered the football and as a result they are forced to give the ball to Pittsburg on the half yard line. NOTE TO OFFICIALS: Let the play play out! You can ALWAYS go back and stop the play wherever you want. Premature Officiation (yeah I made that up) can cost a team a victory!

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    • My pet-peeve of the week – Week 7 2010 was the highest scoring week in the NFL in over 20 years… Hmmm… Thanks, NFL! No fines for big hits, but you OBVIOUSLY gave WRs and offenses free rein of the field! Suck an egg, Roger Goodell!

    • Don’t believe me, watch these highlights from the Ravens/Bills game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fse1L7ebqz8

      That’s 2 TDs that shouldn’t have been on the board…

    • I cannot wait until Goodell is gone. He is ruining football. its ridiculous

    • Andy: Not a Pittsburgh apologist, but if the ref thinks it’s a touchdown, he has to call a touchdown. With said touchdown call, the play is over. You can’t call a touchdown and then determine possession. By nature of calling the touchdown, people are less likely to go after the ball, as the play is dead. So there’s no need for them to choose possession.

      Unfortunately, the call that was on the field is the ONLY call on the field that could have happened from the minute the arms went up for a touchdown. You have to let the refs call what they see.

      While that play did hinder the Dolphins’ chances of winning, it didn’t cost them the game. There was 2:30 left and the Dolphins were only down 1 or 2, so they could have just as easily gone down the field and gotten a field goal. But Henne threw a pick. Game over.

      No matter what the ref calls, there are 60 minutes in a game. There are COUNTLESS things you can do in 60 minutes to make sure you win the game regardless of what the officials do. Take care of what you can, then win.

    • I will agree with you on one thing. Regardless of what defense you’re going up against, you still have to throw the ball and your receiver still has to catch it. Those things have worked for the Chiefs so far. Hopefully they can get some confidence and keep this going after this stretch of not-so-good passing defenses.

    • I’m not 100% sure I agree that the increased scoring is just because of the hit factor. It did lead to some scores, but I’d also point out that Oakland and KC scored a ton of points, and mostly moved the ball on the ground. There were also 10 return touchdowns last week.

    • yeah but my point is, if the ball is out on the goal line, you should let it play out. I understand that it is a bang-bang play and if the Ref sees touchdown, he should call touchdown, but if it is at all questionable you should let it play out, and then you can go back and review it. You can always go back during the review and stop the play wherever you want to, but you cannot predict the future. That play was just one example. I see it numerous times everywhere on the field. I just wish Refs would let the play develop before blowing it dead. They can ALWAYS go back and stop the play wherever they want with review.

      And yes, it didn’t completely ruin the game like it was a last second FG, but it still has a affect. But yes, you are right, they had every chance in the world to win that game, before and after that fumble

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