Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

What should we expect from the Chiefs in 2010?

It’s a question that’s been debated since Jamaal Charles dashed for the franchise record in rushing yards last January in Denver.

A lot of fans like to stamp a record by their expectations, as wins and losses are the most important statistic in ANY sport. Is it fair? Somewhat. As fans, expectations are what drive us to be fans. So what’s it gonna be? 5-11? 6-10? 11-5, as some crazed fans are suggesting?

For me, wins and losses aren’t that important this year. Of course, they’re important overall, but they aren’t going to be how this team is judged in the end. In the NFL, a game can be won or lost on the first or last play of the game. Momentum is huge. Playmakers are the lifeblood of any team. Like Al Pacino said, “It’s a game of inches”. So if the Chiefs catch a few bad breaks, it could be another season in the dumpster for the Chiefs. If they catch a few good ones, then we’re going to have one hell of a Fall and Winter here in KC.

But expectations are important.

I want this team to improve in every facet. I want to see Brandon Flowers go from the best cornerback on the Chiefs, to the best cornerback in the AFC West. He has tremendous talent and instincts. He’s the best corner to don the Red and Gold in decades. After the atrocities of Eric “EWI” Warfield and Dexter McCleon during the Dick Vermeil days, it’s been a joy to see Flowers develop into a star. The third year out of the draft for any young player is the big one and we could see Flowers go from local star, to the type of player that opposing teams scheme around. This is a big year for him. I don’t need the big interception numbers. He’s going to make plays. Spectacular, gamechanging plays.

I want to see Matt Cassel go from nervous sack magnet, to confident field general. He takes too much time delivering the ball to receivers. But he’s got the skills. He marched this team down the field several times during the final stages of a few games last year and we saw it in the game against Atlanta last week during the first quarter when the Chiefs offense marched the ball downfield for a touchdown. He has a good abilty to see the play develop in front of him, but he takes too much time. He’ll never put up big numbers, but his bread and butter will be the way he distributes the ball to playmakers like Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe and Dexter McCluster.

I want to see marked improvement from Tyson Jackson and the defensive front seven as a whole. They were terrible last year. 22 sacks in total. Derrick Thomas once had 20 in a single season. Elvis Dumervil had 16.5 last year. We need to establish a pass rush if this team is going anywhere. Andy Studebaker is showing some real promise. I hate the race-similarity comparison that we see so often with white wide receivers to Wes Welker, but Studebaker could be a player like Mike Vrabel was for New England. Vrabel was an undrafted rookie free agent and fought his way to the top of the list as far as linebackers go. Tyson Jackson HAS to improve. He doesn’t seem to get it. He’s a physical specimen to say the least.Maybe he’s similar to Mario Williams and needs a few years to really reach his potential. Glenn Dorsey…nevermind.

I want to see a calmer demeanor from Todd Haley on the sidelines. Haley was a psycho on the sidelines last year. Maybe it was a little bit of nervous energy combined with frustration and insecurity. The quiet confidence shown by a coach can work wonders for their team. It’s alright to get fired up, but Haley definitely went overboard last season. Gotta keep that temper in check at least until halftime. I like Todd Haley a lot. I just don’t want him shooting himself in the foot.

So there’s the short list. I’ll go into detail when I write more posts, but for now, that’s what I’m looking for this year. As far as a record goes, if everything goes horribly wrong for the Kansas City Chiefs this year, I say 4-12. If everything goes to plan, I say 6-10. If things go incredibly well for the Chiefs…ha, well then I think we could see a winning record from our boys. But we’ll see. The season starts September 13. I’ll be there, hoping the ball bounces our way.

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  • I would say it is way too early to say that Pioli has succeeded or failed as a GM. What he does have in his favor is what seems to be a strong draft class this year with Berry, McCluster, Arenas, Moeaki and Asamoah.

    But his draft last year was terrible. Several of the picks from last year's class may not even make the roster (Washington, Colin Brown and Jake O'Connell.)

  • Like the post Brian, however Tamba Hali in my opinion warrants a mention. This guy is a beast waiting to break out, he had 8.5 sacks last and a safety, he's a good run defender too. He's missed one game in the last four seasons. I Think he's a player who deserves much more recognition than he's been given so far!

  • We all know the ‘ol cliche… “defense wins championships,” right?

    Is that true? Maybe… What I do know… Offense contends for division leads and goes to the playoffs, and that is exactly what I want to see fromt his team in 2010… Offense!

    More specificly, I want to see Matt Cassel prove he is an NFL worthy QB… He has yet to show us he is.

    To be quite hoenest, his numbers coming out of New England were pedestrian at best, for someone who was handed that high of caliber weapons.

    To me, Cassel and Scott Pioli are tied together in knots. Pioli has done NOTHING in free agency so far in his tenure, and only brought Matt Cassel to KC… So far he is a failure as a GM.

  • Absolutely. I'm expecting big things from Tamba. If we could just get another pass rusher on the other side of him, I think he could be a 10-12 sack guy. The fact that he got as many as he did last year is amazing. I would like to see him and Wallace Gilberry on the field during 3rd and long situations, as Gilberry seems to be our best pass rusher on the D-Line.

  • Totally agree on the Tamba talks. I was reading on another website that if you throw in QB hurries along with sacks, Tamba statistically had a better year than Dumerville from Den. Consider that with the fact that Tamba had a far worse secondary than Elvis did giving him much less time to get to the QB. I expect big things from Tamba this year, and all signs from camp and preseason point to that exactly.

  • I'm not really sure why, but I have never been a guy to get excited about a football team or player in the pre-season. I seem to take a wait-and-see approach to everything football.

    The only thing I "expect" from the Chiefs is that they will play 16 games… I haven't read, heard or seen (1 day in St. Joe, 2 pre-season games, and practice at Arrowhead) anything to get me excited about this Chiefs defense… They fail in every aspect to stop their OWN offense… Who fails to move the ball against pre-season opponents… Whoops….

  • The defense is a huge worry guys. They were nearly dead last in sacking the QB and stopping the run last year. The front office did little to nothing in free agency or the draft to improve the front seven. Eric Berry maybe a nice addition to the overall defense, hell, he should be since he is now the highest paid safety in the league. I'm afraid that Dorsey and Jackson may follow the same path as Ryan Simms. The 3rd overall pick in 2009 shouldn't be afraid of losing his job to Wallace Gilberry. I don't understand how a team with no true nose tackle can switch to a 3-4 scheme. This team has used several picks in the first 3 rounds of the draft on defensive linemen that haven't panned out. Tank and Turk never got a chance and were shipped off. Magee has underperformed, and Dorsey and Jackson have been big disappointments. Many pundits have the Chiefs as a team that could win the division in a talentless AFC West, I just don't see it happening with this defense.

  • I think judging last year's draft is difficult, because it was – by most accounts – a pretty shallow draft. Yes, I think drafting Jackson over Curry was a TREMENDOUS mistake. But DL take some time to develop, especially when switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Just remember, after his rookie year, Neil Smith was considered a bust and a waste of a first-round draft pick.

  • Absolutely agree with Jason. D-Linemen take anywhere from 2 to 5 years to fully develop. Ryan Sims is actually playing pretty well for Tampa Bay now.

    I'm not sold on Dorsey though. He doesn't have the body type to warrant a long successful career in the NFL. I'm sure he'll be considered a bust before it's all over.

    Tyson Jackson however, is an NFL player. He's got the body, physical skills. All he needs is a spark. I'm taking the wait and see approach with him though.

  • Good article. I'm hoping to see a good year from Bowe this year. I hate the chiefs, but want to see the AFC west return to the power house it once was. You will have two guaranteed losses against the Broncos though. Tebow TIME!

  • Also glad to see someone picked up Wiegmann, as me made his way back home. He is a quality center and I will miss him in Denver.

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