Romeo Crennel

Weis or Crennel, Bigger Impact on Chiefs?

With the Kansas City Chiefs off to a 4-2 start, who has had a bigger impact on the success of the Chiefs in 2010?
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Leave a comment below and tell us how you voted and why!
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  • I’m voting Crennel for right now. His defense led to three of the four wins. Each coordinator came up short in one loss.

    However, I reserve the right to change my mind if this passing attack keeps up. But for right now, I gotta go with Romeo.

  • @ChiefsCommand PUSH

  • @ChiefsCommand – Hands down, Romeo Crennel

  • @TheFantasyGhost Right now, you’re right on!

  • Have to go with Crennel for now, but this week is actually a big test with one of the hottest QB’s coming into town in Fitzpatrick. The obvious connection between the two teams that have defeated the Chiefs are the passing attacks. Granted, they had a chance to win each, but fell short. I know I won’t be a fan favorite with this comment, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Buffalo gets numero uno this week. I’ve been high on the Chiefs since their win in Week 1′s sloppy conditions over the Chargers and, to be honest, I probably will pick the Chiefs to win this week because each coordinator has been outstanding this year, but it will certainly be a game to keep your eye on for NFL fans in general.

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