What to Watch for: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Well Commanders, its been a rough few weeks (thats been a common statement lately). However, I am focused more on the positives, as hard as that might be. This season isn’t going anywhere fast, but anytime you can get a primetime victory it is a good week.

Oh boy…

Tyler Palko!!!

The guy didn’t look absolutely terrible last week. His numbers, minus the interceptions, weren’t that bad at all. In the first half, he actually moved the ball relatively well, and the Chiefs didn’t look completely incompetent. He has another week at the reigns before Kyle Orton (ugh) comes in and takes over. It’s hard not to root for this guy, and I hope he can limit the mistakes and give us a chance at victory.

Derrick Johnson:

I told you I was focusing on the positives. Was that strip on Danny Woodhead at the goal line not an incredible play?! Derrick Johnson has been an absolute monster this year and I really enjoy watching him play. I want him to stay aggressive and continue his impressive play no matter how pathetic the team is.

Dwayne Bowe:

Where have you been Mr. Bowe?! I lay plenty of the blame on the QB play, but still, our best only proven playmaker hasn’t done anything recently. Hopefully Orton (ugh) can come in and give him some looks, but either way, these guys are professional quarterbacks nonetheless, and he should be able to continue to make plays regardless of who is under center.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Duh! This is the game everyone in America should be looking forward to. With the Packers undefeated streak on the line, this should be a fantastic game of football. It’s hard not to cheer for the young, fiery Lions in this one, no matter who you are a fan of (unless its GB). I am predicting the upset, why not? Detroit 38 Green Bay 31

Honorable Mention: San Fransisco @ Baltimore, New England @ Philadelphia

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  • Orton to Bowe on a GO route at least once on Sunday… Regardless if he starts or not!

    Haley didn’t want Cassel in the first place, now he has an upgrade to work with… Time to have a little fun!

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