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What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

And we’re back at it again after a boring bye week. I don’t know about you, but a week without What to Watch for is a week that I don’t enjoy. Anyways, big week ahead, and as always there is a little added intensity considering that its RAIDER WEEK!

Bring it on

Carson Palmer:

For the FIRST TIME in WTWF HISTORY we are going to discuss something or someone not on the Chiefs roster. With the news of the Carson Palmer trade going down, this has a huge impact on the Raiders. I personally think they overpaid about 100x and made a huge mistake. However, Carson Palmer is leaps and bounds better than Kyle Boller (thats more of a testament to how pathetic Boller really is). If this trade goes through, physicals and all, it will be interesting to see whether or not he starts, and how effective he is if that is the case.

Defensive Line:

The Raiders come to KC with one of the best RB’s in the entire league in Darren McFadden. The guy has many similar characteristics to Adrian Peterson, and has a history of having great games against the Chiefs. Calling out the D-Line has nothing to do with their performance, but more so the fact that rush defense all starts with the D-Line. If you let McFadden break into the secondary, he will burn you and Carson Palmer will have no reason to throw the ball.

Matt Cassel:

There is a pretty common theme that the Chiefs have developed this year; Matt Cassel plays well and the Chiefs win, Matt Cassel plays poorly and the Chiefs lose. With Jamaal Charles done for the year this season’s success has been placed 100% on the play of Matt Cassel. Jackie Battle had a great game, and occasionally someone will break out in the running game, but 99.9% of the time, if Matt Cassel doesn’t play well, you can expect a loss.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions

When is the last time the Detroit Lions were involved in this many key games when we are only in week 7? This is another huge game for them, as they dropped a close one to the hot San Fransisco 49ers last week. Losing two games in a row could take a pretty big toll on this fiery, young Lions team. Final Score Prediction: Lions 31 Falcons 27

Honorable Mention: San Diego @ New York (J), Washington @ Carolina


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  • Being a Chiefs I hate talking about this game. Coming off a bye week and a 2 game winning streak not to mention we played good in SD, I think Chiefs have a great chance to win this week with all the QB drama Chiefs D should expect running play 70% of the time, the question is can we stop it? I would like to see a 3-4 defense playing a man to man coverage with good blitz pressure. If they can hold Mcfadden to under 100yds chiefs will win this game? Chiefs offense needs to pass more!! Cassell should have 40 passing attempts!! Quick routes get the line backers tired then target the run in the second half.

  • Opening up the offense early will be key for the Chiefs. If Palmer plays, and it is looking as he will, Oakland will definitely take their shots down field… Come on, Brandon Flowers… Nevermind, Oakland doesn’t have any legit stud WRs, Flowers shoulg be fine, then the KC media can start telling us, once again, how great he is… I digress, stopping the running game must be the first priority for the Chiefs.

  • I think The Raiders secondary has taken a step backwards. Hopefully Cassel can exploit it.

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