What to Watch for: Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

ITS RAIDER WEEK! I know we have a playoff spot locked up and I know there is always a risk of injury, but there is plenty of incentive to play this game like it means everything. Either way, I expect the starters to play until the game gets out of hand, if that happens. Anyways, lets do this.

Bring it on -

Matt Cassel:

This is not only about watching his play, but watching how much he plays. I really feel that Matt Cassel needs to play the entire game unless we are winning or losing by a lot. There are multiple reasons for this. One, he is 3 touchdowns away from tying the Chiefs all time record, and 4 away from breaking it. Another being that we should avoid having him be rusty in the playoffs. We all saw in the St. Louis Rams game that it took Cassel almost an entire quarter to shake of the rust from missing a week. In the playoffs, we don’t have a quarter to waste.

Jamaal Charles:

Wow, this post is starting to be a lot like last weeks. Anyways, words cannot describe how badly I want Jamaal Charles to get the rushing title. It would be an incredible testimony to our offensive line and to his incredible play. I know he is a ways behind Foster, but hopefully the Jacksonville Jaguars can hold him to a minimal afternoon.

Overall Defense:

I was going to single out Brandon Flowers in this, but I will make it about the entire defense. Tamba Hali hasn’t had a big game in a while, and a big game this week, like 3 sacks, would go along way to him potentially being a Pro Bowl Reserve. I would also like to see Flowers get an INT. He had 2 in the first two weeks and has had none since. He is our best lockdown man, and he needs more reward for his great play.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

For some odd reason the packers are in my game of the week really often. Anyways, this game has major implications. The Packers need a win and they are in, and the Bears can go for the one seed thanks to the Vikings surprise victory over the Eagles. Anyways, I predict the Packers to win this one. Green Bay 38 Chicago 28

Honorable Mention: St. Louis @ Seattle

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  • and how about a return TD?!?!??!!?

  • I would be alright if JC didn’t get the rushing title. I don’t want him to touch the ball more than 10 times. Anybody who has watched Jamaal Charles knows that if he got the carries the backs ahead of him got, he would be the undisputed leader.

  • The No. 1 thing to watch or – how healthy the Chiefs are after this game. I know there’s a lot on the line with the seeding or whatever. However, this game to me is a lot like a preseason game. Priorities 1-5 are staying healthy. If you ride Jamaal hard this game and he gets hurt before the postseason, then what happens?

    We have learned that the MVP of this team is Cassel. You also have to make sure he’s not healthy. Without these key guys, it wouldn’t matter WHO was coming into Arrowhead in week one of the playoffs, it’s not going to end well.

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