What to Watch for: Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs

Hey, a win’s a win right? No matter how ugly, how seemingly undeserved it was, at the end of the day the Kansas City Chiefs get to chalk one up in the W column after a huge Monday Night Football win over the San Diego Chargers. This upcoming week we get one of the worst teams in football, and really need another victory.

Lets do this…

Special Teams

This excludes the kickers (who happened to be fantastic monday night), and is really talking about the returners. The Chiefs could really use some big plays out of the special teams at some point this season. Dexter McCluster has been solid, but neither him or Javier Arenas have had any major returns to this point. I look for one of them to bust one and take it all the way home this week.

Brandon Flowers

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought that Brandon Flowers played absolutely fantastic on monday night. Aside from the dropped interception (which was also the easiest play he could have made all night) he was rock solid all game. The Chargers have huge receivers, and Flowers is not a big guy, so it really impressed me how well he matched up against them. The Chiefs really need him to keep that play up, giving us favorable match-ups across the field when he locks one guy down.

Jackie Battle

I see Jackie having a monster game this week. Matt Cassel has really been pretty good for the most part starting in week 4, but he (along with every other QB in the NFL) really plays better when the run game is in top form. The Dolphins aren’t exactly loaded, and I see Jackie Battle having a big game this week.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburg Steelers

What a turnaround it has been since these two met early this season. After the Ravens absolutely destroyed Pitt early on, the teams have gone in opposite directions. The Ravens are a team who has struggled in the past weeks, losing to Jacksonville and almost losing to Arizona, while the Steelers have being on a solid winning streak and aren’t showing signs of letting up. Prediction: Ravens 24 Steelers 38

Honorable Mention: Chicago @ Philly, Green Bay @ San Diego

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  • Steelers/Ravens game is interesting. Both teams have been so up and down this year. You would think one of these two would win the AFC North.

  • Yeah I agree, I don’t feel like the Bengals are legitimate. They are a great story, but when they get to the big games in Dec/Jan against the Steelers and Ravens, they will be put back in their place

  • I’m wondering just how much the high ankle sprain was effecting Flowers’ play. He seems to be 100 percent now and playing with some intensity.

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