What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

Well fellow Chiefs fans, it’s been a real rough start to the season. After suffering through the preseason, trying to find ways to defend Todd Haley‘s “strategy” to all of my friends. I preached that I wouldn’t be worried until we started losing actual games, the preseason doesn’t matter. Well two weeks into the season, and I AM WORRIED. Here is what to be watching for this week, all revolving around a simple, common theme…. I-M-P-R-O-V-E-M-E-N-T!


This is pretty obvious to everyone that scoring 10 combined points in two games against the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions just isn’t going to get it done. I know the defense has given up 89, but even if they had given up 12 we would still be 0-2. Matt Cassel has been miserable, the O-Line has been a disgrace to football, and basically every “playmaker” that we thought we had has been severely underperforming. Something needs to change and it all starts with the leader in Cassel. O personally believe that he will struggle because too much of a burden has been placed on him without Jamaal Charles anymore, but he is the leader and he needs to perform and carry this team through this rough patch.


Vice Versa of what I just talked about, the defense has given up 89 points. And even if the offense had scored 87 points we would still be 0-2. This defense was ranked top 15 preseason, behind one of the best coordinators in the entire NFL, and we have given up 89 to the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills. I know they are young and potentially explosive offenses, but could you imagine what the New England Patriots or the Green Bay Packers would be doing to this defense right now?! My stomach hurts just thinking about it. Without our biggest playmaker, the CB’s have to be a lot better, and honestly Brandon Flowers has been getting torched. Derrick Johnson has to be better. Tamba Hali has to get more pressure. The defensive line has to at least attempt to get in the way of a hole and stop a run. Every single position on the defense has been pathetic, and in a team sport where the defense is an entire unit, that is not good.

Coaching Staff:

I am not very big on blaming the coaches for everything, but there comes a point where you have to. I mean, the Chiefs have plenty of playmakers, and occasionally they just don’t perform at the level that they are supposed to. If this poor play continues someone has to eventually take the fall. This staff needs to get these players prepared to play each week. 0-2 does not mean the season is over. But when the meat of the schedule difficulty is towards the end, we can’t afford to waste the early part.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

This game looks like a great one. The World Champs are coming off a performance where they struggled for a while against the lowly Carolina Panthers, and the Chicago Bears appeared to have a hangover game after they dominated the Atlanta Falcons. These two teams really don’t like each other, and it is shaping up to be a fantastic game.

Honorable Mention: Houston @ New Orleans, New York (G) @ Philadelphia 

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