What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

Well readers, long time no see. Long story short, last week’s edition of What to Watch for had a little complication which prevented it from being posted on the homepage. I apologize for that mishap. On top of that, time is boiling down on finals, and I was up till ridiculous hours of the night writing a paper for a final so this is the first time I have been able to write this weeks edition. Again, I do apologize.

Anyways…. Bring it on:


I am just going to go out and say that Brodie Croyle will be starting this week. I have read multiple posts online and on twitter and the general consensus is that an appendectomy normally takes between 10-14 days to fully recover. Now we all know that Matt Cassel is one tough S.O.B., and this might be the biggest game that the chiefs have played in three years, but it might not be possible for him to start.

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    Do not fear Chiefs fans! All is not lost. It is pretty obvious that if Brodie could stay healthy for more than 3 games that he would be a starter somewhere in the NFL. We all know that he can throw the football. I look for Brodie to have a surprisingly good game. I think that the San Diego Chargers will be stacking the box knowing that we will come out running the ball. Don’t be shocked if Brodie’s stat line looks something like this

    21-33, 230 yds, 2 td, 0 int


    For those of you who haven’t seen that video, I am referring to none other than Eric Berry. I seem to have this man in my thread every single week, and I really don’t know why. This week my reasoning is because I want to see how different his performance is this week as compared to the first week of the season. Eric has the ever so daunting task of covering Antonio Gates, and last time he had this task he failed. Eric has improved very much this season so I am excited to see how he compares.

    Does this team have it in them to…

    knock off the defending champions? This goes out for the entire team: You cannot be crowned the champions until you beat the champions. I am not saying that if we don’t win this game that we won’t win the division, but this game will statistically eliminate the Chargers. This team needs to gain that killer instinct and prove to the world that they are for real. It goes to every position on the field. Little things like Derrick Johnson dropping interceptions, and stupid downfield holding plays cannot happen. This is a huge game and a win would do incredible things for this team as it gears towards the playoffs.

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    Semi-Surprise pick here: Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    I chose this game because it will have the Chiefs interest and because the Jaguars are quietly becoming a good team. A win by Jacksonville would make the Raiders at least 2 games behind the Chiefs, potentially 3, with only 3 weeks remaining. The Jaguars have a great chance to keep holding the Indianapolis Colts off and this should be a very solid game because it means a lot to both teams.

    Honorable Mention: New England @ Chicago

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    • I’m less enthusiastic about Croyle than most. He completes less than 58 percent of his passes and has a 1-1 TD to INT ratio. Plus, he doesn’t have a guy like Tony Gonzalez to throw to now. All of that was done during the Tony era.

      True, Bowe’s been playing better. But I don’t know if he has the chemistry with Bowe right now. I’m not optimistic in the least. The track record is just not there with Brodie.

    • I, also, am not too excited about seeing Croyle. While I mentioned it earlier in the season as an interest, I no longer want to see Croyle get a shot… I would much rather see Matt Cassel become a true leader!

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