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What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

Well, I am starting to get a feeling that the Chiefs might be experiencing a “What to Watch for” curse, such as the “Madden Curse”.  All I know is that the only week I haven’t posted a what to watch for article is the only week in which the Chiefs have won a football game. Maybe I am misguiding all of the fans and telling them the wrong things to be watching for, thus leading to defeats. Oh well, we will still chug along…

LT and RT:

Anytime you play the Indianapolis Colts you have to worry about the play from your tackles. Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney are absolute beasts and will terrorize any quarterback on any team. That is great news for us Chiefs fans because Matt Cassel has had to deal with pressure all year, and we have yet to face a D-Line as stout as this one. Look for the containment of those to DE’s to be a key in the Chiefs success.

Jackie Battle:

As a recent Kansas City Star article reported, Jackie Battle is now going to see an increased workload. Personally, I like the move. While I would prefer Dexter McCluster get the majority of the carries, Thomas Jones is clearly ineffective to this point, and Battle could give another option. He’s got good size and pretty decent speed for a man of his stature, and could be a pretty decent RB.

Matt Cassel:

Can good ol’ Matt Cassel build on back-to-back solid performances? While the game against San Diego was pretty decent, and last week was solid, I am not quite sure if he can keep it up or not. If the O-Line (as mentioned before) can’t give him time, and the running game (also mentioned before) doesn’t produce, Cassel could struggle significantly.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills

Surprise pick here, especially considering the honorable mention section, but I think this game is essential for both teams. The “dream team” Philadelphia Eagles have the same record as our beloved Chiefs…not good. Along with that, the Buffalo Bills are trying to prove to the nation that they belong and that they are a contender.

Honorable Mention: New York (J) @ New England, Green Bay @ Atlanta 

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  • Branden Albert didn’t look so bad in week 4 against Jared Allen. Allen did get two sacks, but both were on plays that didn’t involve Albert. The first toward the end of the 1st half when Cassel bootlegged to the right and Allen came all the way across the field on the Minnesota side of the line of scrimmage. The second in the 4th quarter on a play that broke down on the right side of the Chiefs o-line, forcing Cassel to run… Allen was given a sack after catching Cassel from behind on a play which looked like a half yard gain to me.

    I am not opposed to Battle getting more touches against Indy. The biggest hole in the Indy defense is their lack of ability to stop the up-the-gut run. Battle is big… Let’s give it a shot, but don’t be afraid to quickly abandon that approach if it isn’t working…

  • I feel that Battle might have a few fumbles! Remember the preseason this guy couldn’t hold on to the ball to save his job. Makes me wonder how he still has a job. Anyways maybe Todd Haley actually could get some credit for keeping Battle on the team so that if this senerio happened we would still have him and Jones! ?????

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