What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots

Well Commanders, its been a rough couple of weeks for any Kansas City Chiefs fan. After looking at a potential record of 6-3, with a solid hold on the division lead, the Chiefs laid consecutive ‘eggs’ against two lackluster opponents, and suddenly find themselves 4-5, 3rd place in the division, and looking straight into the hardest 5 game stretch any team faces this season. eh…

Here we go, I guess


Yes, this day has come. Not only is it Monday Night Football week, but it also happens to be in Foxboro against the best team of the last decade. As if that wasn’t enough, Tyler Palko will be leading the offense. Who would have thought that by the time this part of the schedule rolled around that the Chiefs backfield would be Jackie Battle and Tyler Palko…scary. Best case scenario, Palko pulls out a Matt Flynn-esque performance (also happened to be against NE) and the season is saved. (I can hardly take myself seriously)

Offensive Line

I wont lie, Jamaal Charles is half-man, half-god, because what he was able to do behind this line last season is nothing short of a miracle. The only loss was Brian Waters, and lets not pretend that he was so fantastic last season. This is the most pathetic line in the NFL right now. Originally I was hoping Ricky Stanzi would get an opportunity, but after thinking about it, Palko is somewhat mobile and can save his own life by running for it. However, the thought of Barry Richardson having the blind side is bone chilling.

Defensive Line

The only “group” on this team more pathetic than the O-Line is the D-Line. Kelly Gregg was good because of his surroundings in Baltimore, Glenn Dorsey had the perennial “blind squirrel finding an acorn” year last season, and Tyson Jackson isn’t even worth wasting breath over. If improvement isn’t shown, it’s time to admit failure and cut ties with ALL of these guys and re-address it in the draft. That could be difficult when we are forced to take Landry Jones in the 1st…

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Who would have thought Cincinnati would be on this list this late in the season? Andy Dalton has been ROY material, and the Bengals keep finding ways to stay in contention. The Ravens have been nothing but disappointing this year, and after a close game with Pittsburg last week, I expect the Bengals to pull this one out and stay in the playoff hunt. Prediction: Cin 27 Bal 21

Honorable Mention: This week’s games kind of suck…Eagles/Giants? Chargers/Bears? ehh

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  • I forgot that Palko is a lefty! Ouch! I don’t have a lot of background on Palko, but I know he beat out Flacco for the QB job in Pitt, hence Flacco transferring to Delaware. He brings something new to the game, and if Baldwin, Bowe and Breaston can catch the ball, who knows….we may be surprised! I don’t believe he will win, but be competitive, I have no doubt.

    I agree 100% with the O & D-Line! Needs to improve or go!

    I took a look at Baltimore’s season thus far…
    -W – Steelers, L – Titans, W – Rams, W – Jets, Bye, W – Texans, L – Jaguars, W – Cardinals, W – Steelers, L – Seattle. So…(W, L, W, W, N/C, W, L, W, W, L, ?) I think they pull it together for the win, but then the pattern will continue with them losing the following week against the 49er’s, then winning 2 in a row against the Browns and Colts, then lose against the Chargers, then win again against the Browns but then lost when the go to San Francisco! (10-6 Season)

  • Its a big game in the Division I think Ravens Defense will take care of business and the offense will manage to score a few TD I got Ravens 24-17 should be a good game. Probably best game of the week.

  • Between Dalton and Newton, whoever makes the playoffs wins the Offensive Rookie of the Year. If both go, Newton – unless Bengals manage a 1st round bye. If neither go, Newton.

  • I read somewhere that Mike Brown really wanted Ryan Mallet but was talked into Dalton.

  • It is true that Mike Brown wanted Mallet by Jay Gruden talked him out of it. Glad Mike Brown listened to his staff as Dalton is ROY material, his yards aren’t as high as Newton but he has more TDs and most importantly… wins. He is a true leader and should be key in the rebuilding of Cincy. The Ravens game will b e tough, not sure who wins this weekend as AJ Green is a game time decision. I believe they split the season series eventually. Go Bengals!!!

  • Rookie of the year if the cowboys end up making the playoffs and DeMarco Murray continues his dominating rushing averaging 6.7 yds a carry I think he has a solid case if neither Dalton or Newton make the playoffs.

  • Does anyone think Jay Gruden will be a head coaching candidate anywhere next year?

  • No doubt Murray has had a great rookie season, but he didn’t start playing until a few weeks in to the season. ROY should go to a player who played all season.

    I doubt Jay Gruden gets a head coaching job next season as this has been his only OC job he has had in the NFL. I do believe he will be a hot candidate in the near future. I’d like to see the Bengals lock him up, possibly name him as the successor to Marvin Lewis. DC Mike Zimmer could be another guy to look at for head coaching jobs too. When was the last time you ever heard of Bengals assistants being up for head coaches?

    You may not know but Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was a DC under Lewis in Cincy and Raiders head coach Hue Jackson was once the WR coach in Cincy under Lewis.

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