What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ Detroit Lions

What a long offseason it has been. Apologies for the lack of a WTWF article last week, my college golf season is in full stride and is really stripping me of anything resembling free time. Enough about me, it’s time to get ready for week 2. After the abysmal performance in week 1, it couldn’t possible get any worse….Right?

Secondary/Defense as a whole:

This week has been really hard to write about because we legitimately can hope for improvement in every single aspect of the game; even Dustin Colquitt wasn’t any good. One main area I noticed that was a weakness was the secondary. The Buffalo Bills seemed to have receivers open on every single play. The Kansas City Chiefs supposedly have one of the best young secondaries in the entire NFL, and Ryan Fitzpatrick torched them? I know Eric Berry was injured, but a secondary is an entire unit, not just one player. If these guys can’t improve, we can look forward to seeing Andrew Luck as our first overall selection in next years draft


This Kansas City team is absolutely LOADED with playmakers (or so we thought). With guys like Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, Dexter McCluster, and Steve Breaston we have to score more than 7 points. There is too much speed and talent on the field to not put up some offensive numbers. However, for all of these guys to be able to make plays, it all starts up front with the…

Offensive Line:

The O-line last week was an absolute joke, which leads me to wonder, why in the world did we release Brian Waters?! If they can’t make lanes for Charles or give Cassel some time, it wouldn’t matter if we had 4 Calvin Johnson’s lined up at WR, we’d still get destroyed.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons

This games is shaping up to be a great one. With Atlanta looking to rebound from a confusingly lackluster performance in week one and Philadelphia looking to continue down the road of the “Dream Team”, this should be exciting. On top of this, it is Michael Vick’s return to Atlanta as a starter for another team. All of these combined should equal a great football game.

Honorable Mention: Chicago @ New Orleans, San Diego @ New England

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  • “even Dustin Colquitt wasn’t any good” – This line is ABSOLUTELY the best summary of the week 1 game I have seen.

    When a punter, whom everyone seems to agree is a solid player, doesn’t have a good game… You know it was rough.

  • When our “team MVP” of the last 4 years is terrible, that should tell you everything you need to know about that game.

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