What to Watch for: Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

It has been a long few days for me since Sunday morning. I was so hyped up and excited for the Kansas City Chiefs game this weekend I could hardly contain myself. And as Sebastian Janikowski lined up the game winner, I was absolutely drained. I am still recovering from that deflating loss, so forgive me if this post is a little…well…angrier than my usual.

Learn to Capitalize:

Can this team ever learn to capitalize on another teams mistakes? I know we have plenty of points off turnovers this season, but it seems that we have a problem with shutting the door when other teams pull their foot out. Last week against the Oakland Raiders, the Chiefs had multiple opportunities to win that game, but couldn’t seem to take advantage of those. When you are on the road in the NFL, you cannot afford to give out second, third, fourth, eighteenth chances. If the Denver Broncos give the Chiefs an opportunity to put them out, they better utilize it.


I know we seem to hash on this subject constantly, but with constant discussion comes constant interest. People aren’t just talking about Jamaal Charles‘ lack of carries because they have nothing better to do; IT’S BECAUSE WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM! I was a Charlie Weis believer at first, but I am quickly jumping off the bandwagon. I have no idea why we continue to run Thomas Jones when it is OBVIOUS that he isn’t having a good game. Now granted, Jamaal wasn’t exactly torching the D either, but who has a better chance of busting a huge run? If your answer is Jones, now is the time to exit this page.

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    Pass Defense:

    We as fans quickly went from talks of potential Defensive Player of the Year for Brandon Flowers to what happened to our Pass D at the end of that game. Flowers, arguably our best defensive player and one of the best in the league, had a chance to end the game with an interception in regulation, and then followed that up by getting SMOKED by a ROOKIE to set up the game *losing* field goal. The Raiders aren’t exactly known for their potent passing attack and they torched us when it mattered most. The Denver Broncos, however, are known for an explosive passing offense. The secondary faces a tough test this week, and needs to prove that they can anchor this defense.

    What to Watch for: Across the NFL

    New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers dominated 48 minutes of Monday Night Football, and then preceded to almost blow the game to the struggling Cincinnati Bengals (costing my fantasy team a victory I might add). They look to continue their winning ways, but solidify the defense in a primetime showdown with the New England Patriots. The Patriots are coming off of a blowout in Cleveland. Oh, I forgot to mention that they were the team that was blown out. The Patriots look to rebound against the terrible towels it what appears to be the matchup of the week.

    Prediction: Patriots 13 Steelers 24

    Honorable Mention: Philadelphia @ Washington, Dallas @ New York (Giants)

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    • Charles: Let’s not direct the anger towards Jones, Cassel threw the ball 35 times and scrambled another 3 times. Jones is arguably the best off-season acquisition in the entire NFL (Also, just for fun, has a longer run (70 yards) this year than Charles (56)). Putting the ball in Cassel’s hands that many times was the biggest mistake. Charles definitely needed to take plays away from Cassel.

      As I mentioned on Monday, the Chiefs called a passing play on first down 11 times (2 resulted in Cassel scrambles), including the first four possessions of the game, and they rushed the ball only 5 times on first down… The Chiefs will lose EVERY game with that ratio of first down play calls.

      Flowers: Again, I am simply going to reiterate my thoughts from Monday… Can we stop talking about Brandon Flowers being in the same class as Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis or even Champ Bailey for a while? Yes, Flowers may be the best player on this Chiefs D, but he was simply embarrassed all day long… Especially on the game tying drive and in overtime…

      I don’t want to hear Flowers and Reevis or Asomugha in the same sentence anymore, unless it begins with “Flowers” followed by “is not as good as” and finishes with one of those names!

      Steelers: On Monday night, I had Mendenhall, my opponent had Roethlisberger… I was up by less than one point… I LOVED how the game turned out!

    • I buy Haley’s claim that Charles was shorted due to in-game injuries. He looked like he was beat up on at least two occasions. That said, Travis is right about running the ball on first down and I don’t think that JC being dinged up influenced the play calling as much as the Raiders run defense, who were able to keep the Chiefs running game at bay for most of the game. The Chiefs will want JC this week in Denver.

      You’re so right about capitalizing on the opponents’ mistakes. I think the Chiefs are still better than the Raiders and if the Chiefs are going to remain so at the end of the season, they are going to have to put those teams away. Charlie Weis called a play action pass with Waters pulling right and that led to a sack by Michael Huff. Terrible call right after a turnover. I suppose he was wanting to hurt the QB so he could fix him.

      Games are won in the second half but the Chiefs could have better second halves if they start them with bigger leads. This pattern of the defense getting more time on the field than the offense is not what a running team should fall into.

    • A strange note about Haley talking about Charles coming out of the game because he was hurt…. Haley NEVER talks about injuries… I don’t think he changed his stance on this all of the sudden, it sounded to me as if he was covering for the crappy play-calling, but forgot the fact he NEVER talks about injuries… Ut oh! Slipped up on that one, coach!

    • Travis nailed it. JC didn’t get a ton of carries sunday because he was dinged up a bit. I know it’s the Raiders and it’s a big division game, but I would rather have Charles for the rest of the year, healthy rather than lose him for the entire year while eeking a win out at Oakland. I am surprised we didn’t see Jackie Battle get some touches. He’s a guy I would like to see in some situations.

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