What to Watch f…..oh thats right.

It is a sad, sad week here at Chiefs Command, as the season is officially over. Many of you are wondering what will be going on around here now, and I tell you to fear not. Yes, while there will not be any more What to Watch for threads, there will be plenty of other exciting off-season articles and posts that will keep you hungry for next year. I myself will be partaking in the season awards that we will be doing sometime soon, and I will do a weekly mock draft, likely of the first round for the entire NFL and then the rest of the Chiefs picks.

Season Grades:

The one thing I will do today is give my season grades:

Coaching Staff: A

Charlie Weis: F

I feel like the staff did an incredible job this year with the players they had. I think people forget how successful we were this season and tend to overlook the amount of progress we made and how great it was to have the quickest turnaround in franchise history. I think Emmitt Thomas had a monumental influence on the secondary, and will, one day, make an excellent defensive coordinator. Plus, Charlie Weis is a prick.

Matt Cassel: A-

Matt Cassel was a very solid quarterback for the Chiefs this season. While he threw 5 interceptions in the last two games, that shouldn’t overshadow the work he did all year. I hope Cassel stays hungry and uses the playoff game as valuable experience.

Jamaal Charles: A

Thomas Jones: B-

Jamaal Charles was nothing short of spectacular this season. He was the most consistently explosive player in the NFL, and in my opinion, the best RB in the NFL.

Thomas Jones was just OK this season. He didn’t hardly do anything with his carries, and for the last 5 or 6 weeks, really had no burst or anything. He deserves the grade he gets because I think he set up Charles for a lot of his success.

Dwayne Bowe: A

Rest of WR’s: D

Dwayne Bowe had a fantastic season. He finally showed signs of being a true #1 receiver and being one of the best in the league. That being said, he had a few games where he disappeared and it really hurt our entire offense when he did.

The wide receivers placed across the field from Bowe were an absolute joke. Chris Chambers had no work ethic, Terrance Copper had no talent, Kevin Curtis might be a quality pick up, and I like Verran Tucker. Most of these guys are special teams guys, and if we can get a true #2 receiver, it will do wonders for Bowe and this offense.

Offensive Line: B+

Offensive line was solid all year long, and the last two weeks they were atrocious. Once teams decided to overload with blitzes, Cassel no longer had any time and the offensive line looked lost. With that being said, they were a solid unit all season, but definitely have some room for improvement.

Defensive Line: B

This was a really difficult grade for me. Glenn Dorsey was great this season. Tyson Jackson showed small signs of improvement, and could be next years Dorsey. Shaun Smith was actually a pretty solid acquisition, and Wallace Gilberry was very good. With that being said, we really need a replacement for Ron Edwards. Not that he was that bad, but he just isn’t very good, and we need a guy who can take up 2 or 3 linemen at a time.

Linebackers: A

Tamba Hali: A+++

Tamba Hali is the man, ’nuff said’. Derrick Johnson made huge strides this year, Jovan Belcher was pretty solid, and Mike Vrabel was just Mike Vrabel. Andy Studebaker had a solid season, and will be a solid player for years to come. This offseason we really need a replacement for Mike Vrabel and he needs to become a coach. He has lost a few steps, but has a very valuable impact on the entire squad.

Secondary: A-

After a shaky start from Eric Berry, this unit was really solid. Brandon Flowers was a lockdown man, Brandon Carr finally broke out like no one expected (even though he was my Breakout Player of the Year pick). Kendrick Lewis was incredible for a 5th round pick. Javier Arenas was a solid nickel corner, and every time John McGraw was in the game, we gave up yards to the TE. Lets just hope McGraw can be more of a special teams/captain influence next year, and Lewis owns the other safety spot.

Coverage Team: A+

Ryan Succop: B+

Dustin Colquitt: A

The coverage team was dominant all season long. Ryan Succop has no range, or at least none that we have been able to witness, but made most every field goal that he was asked to make. He was very consistent from 40 yards and in, but then again, what NFL kicker isn’t? Dustin Colquitt was his usual self, booting the long ball when we needed him too.

Overall Team Performance: A

This team exceeded everyones expectations. I know a lot of us predicted playoffs an all, but with a young team you never really know what to expect. People tend to forget that this was a rebuilding year, and making the playoffs, especially having a home game, was just icing on the cake. It is very possible that we have a much better team next year, but don’t make the playoffs. Either way, I was very enthused with our teams efforts this year, and I look forward to this offseason and watching our team grow.

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