What to Watch for: Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

OK everyone, this is going to be the shortest What to Watch for thread I have ever done and you will probably ever see. This is going to be so simple and to the point that it will blow all of your minds. The reason for this is the incredibly simple, singular point that we should all be watching for.

Bring it on:


Lets absolutely dismantle these arrogant pricks. I don’t care about anything else besides winning in an absolute blowout.  We need to run the score up like theres no tomorrow. This crap ends sunday. Statement game to let the Chargers know we are coming for them. DOMINATE.

What to Watch for: Across the NFL

New York Jets @ New England

No brainer here, this has the makings of being a great showdown. I honestly don’t think either of these two teams are as good as their records show. The Jets have won in some very lucky ways and the Pats are solid, I just don’t feel like they are as good as usual.

Beat. The. Broncos.

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  • The betting line gives the Broncos 9 points. I think the Chiefs are going to win this one and I hope it’s a blowout but it seems like the Broncos really step up to play the Chiefs. I like the respect the betting line gives the Chiefs for this home game.

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