Kansas City Chiefs v Atlanta Falcons

What to Watch for: Arizona Cardinals @ Kansas City Chiefs

Well my friends it has been another rough week. In the blink of an eye the Kansas City Chiefs are suddenly sitting at 5-4 after a roaring 5-2 start. Now is the time to kick it into gear. Now is the time where we figure out whether were contenders or pretenders. I for one think that we aren’t nearly as good as we thought we were after the first half of the season, however we still sit in a very good position and have a great chance to take the division.

let’s do this:

Hello Defense…?

Where have you guys gone these last couple weeks. I am going to be honest and tell you that missing Kendrick Lewis and John McGraw killed us last week. McGraw gets a lot of crap and I am not the biggest fan because he is obviously slower than most everyone on the field. With that being said, watching Kyle Orton just torch Ricky Price and Donald Washington made me reconsider how much of a role McGraw and Lewis play in this defense. The corners know that they don’t have very much help over the top so they start playing on their heels, leaving short curls and slants wide open every time.

Hello Rushing Offense…?

Tell me about junk minutes, tell me about the deficit, tell me about whatever you want, but there are two things I saw last week in Denver. 1) Matt Cassel put up fantastic numbers and the fact that he threw the ball 53 times with no interceptions is impressive. 2) Maybe one of the worst rushing performances we have seen since Larry Johnson. The offensive line is showing a few signs of struggle and it’s time we earn that number 1 rushing offense rating.

Hello Special Teams…?

What happened. I know we lost Dexter McCluster but I mean come on he hasn’t done anything since the first game by means of punt/kick returns. All of the sudden Ryan Succop can’t hit the broad side of a barn, we have serious coverage issues at the worst times, and have a knack for returning that ball right into the kick team, usually resulting in first down around the 18 yard line. I don’t know about you all, but I would like to see what Eric Berry can do in the return game. I know the field goal return was against all of the big men, but even in college the guy has a knack for the end zone. Give the man a chance.

What to Watch for: Around the NFL.

Has to be Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

This was a fantastic rivalry for the few years where these teams were the cream of the crop in the AFC (and they might still be). I love watching these two teams go at it. The Patriots seemed dismal against the Cleveland Browns, but responded nicely with a great win against the Pittsburg Steelers. Peyton Manning always provides a show so it should be a great game.

Honorable Mention: NY Giants @ Philadelphia, Denver @ San Diego

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  • I absolutely agree with you that we should try Berry in the return game. Sure the missed FG return was against the big dudes, but he nearly broke that one even though it seemed like he was hemmed off at times.

  • Seriously. Atleast give it a try. I know it’s a greater injury risk, but I’m not too worried about that.

  • Only use Berry if McCluster and Arenas aren’t healthy. Those guys have been returning punts and kicks all throughout college. They’re faster and more elusive, plus the role Berry plays on defense – or at least is supposed to play.

  • I’m with Jason about Berry in the return game.

    I’m putting Colts @ Patriots at #2, especially after watching Vick last week. I am taking Giants @ Eagles as the game to watch this week.

    Honestly, I like Vick more now than before he went to prison.

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