NFL: Lions vs 49ers SEP 21

Vernon Davis: “We will win Sunday”

The gauntlet hath been thrown.

The first true “bulletin board material” quote of the year. Vernon Davis is obviously trying to rally his reeling 49er teammates and build some confidence.

Here’s the full quote

“We have to win this one. We will win this one. I’m pretty confident that we will pull this one out. We will win this game. We have the team to do it. We’ve just got to get rid of all the mistakes. Without the mistakes, there’s no telling where we can go. There’s no limit.”

But if there’s one way to tick off a team, it’s gotta be to guarantee victory…in the opposing team’s stadium.

Chiefs’ defensive end Shaun Smith replied:

“That’s just Vernon Davis being Vernon Davis. You know him. … That’s just a guy trying to get some locker-room talk, some locker-room chatter. That’s also a guy trying to get his team going. For him to put out there on line, guaranteeing victory, that’s him. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.”

The last time I can think of someone guaranteeing a victory against the Chiefs would be Chad Johnson (pre-Ochocinco) in 2003 when the Chiefs were 9-0.

Of course, in the past five years, guaranteeing victory against the Chiefs was like guaranteeing someone that they would eat lunch that day. So take a moment, Kansas City. We’ve come so far!

Thanks to Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star for posting the quotes.

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