Todd Haley fired by Kansas City Chiefs

Todd Haley Fired by Kansas City Chiefs. What’s Next?

On the heels of the New York Jetsbeatdown of the Kansas City Chiefs, to the tune of 37-10, the Chiefs organization has “relieved Todd Haley of his duties as Head Coach.”

As a Chiefs fan, it was difficult to not see this move coming. General Manager Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have been on opposite sides since the beginning. As it goes, the GM gets two chances before losing his job, the head coach only gets one.

For the record, I was on the side of Todd Haley.

A few thing to watch now that Todd Haley is gone

  • The next head coach candidate – Will it be a “Yes Man?” My bet, yes. It is apparent Scott Pioli does not like his “employees” disagreeing with him. He wants to be the only Ego in the room. I understand fans want Bill Cower, Marty Schottenheimer, Jeff Fischer, Jon Gruden, but this will not be the direction Pioli takes. Pioli will hire a guy who will not challenge him in the draft room, will not mind when Pioli refuses to spend all the money given to him by Clark Hunt and will accept Matt Cassel as their head coach. None of the aforementioned names would allow that.
  • The next head coach – How upset is Charlie Weis right now? I’m not saying he would get the job, but the chance to take the guy’s job who ran you out of town… Payback is always nice, and NFL > NCAA. As much as I don’t want to see it, my bet is Josh McDaniels is on the “short list” for the job. It is obvious Pioli loves Cassel. McDaniels would accept Cassel. Kirk Ferentz from Iowa, who was considered as Haley was hired, is another possibility. A guy getting his first shot in the NFL would just be happy to have it, right?
  • Here a situation to consider, and it is one I would love to see, actually – Romeo Crennel as head coach, Charlie Weis comes back as offensive coordinator. Now, I don’t think either of these guys are in love with Cassel, so Pioli would need to make some concessions, but this duo makes sense and it is exciting.
  • Dexter McCluster – It was obvious Haley loved Dex, my bet, McCluster takes a much less role through the rest of 2011 under interim Head Coach, Romeo Crennel. A huge part of the offensive inepititude was the game plan revolving around McCluster. He cannot be on the field if you plan to have success offensively.
  • Tyler Palko – Who starts at QB for the remainder of 2011? My bet – As soon as Kyle Orton is cleared medically, he will play. Until then, I expect to see Ricky Stanzi get his first NFL snaps.
  • Young Guys – Will young players start getting a chance sooner, rather than later? Haley seemed to over-protect young and new players. How many times did Todd Haley tell us that a “player wasn’t ready” to play. If the actual play, on the field, of the player will not affect the outcome of the game negatively, young guys should play… When the team is this bad, a loss is a loss.
  • 2012 NFL draft – Without Haley, I am scared to watch the upcoming draft. It is apparent that Pioli is lost in the draft room. We all know the story of Haley yelling and screaming to force the Chiefs to draft Eric Berry in 2010… What else has been overly exciting? McCluster? No. Javier Arenas? No.

To me, this situation will not play out until the 2012 NFL draft. The draft will tell fans a lot about what type of head coach Scott Pioli has hired, no matter the credentials that came with him. If the Chiefs make a move to trade up to draft an elite quarterback (anticipated elite), then Pioli has hired a coach who may not be a “Yes Man.”

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  • Just not sure it was Haley’s fault 100% I mean he lost his best players early in the season, It is the NFL and if you are not winning you do get fired. I think we was a little laid back sometimes and needed a little more FIRE.

  • If Romeo wants to be considered Palko better not see the field the rest of the year. I am anti Crennel for head coach, I spoke about it briefly in my last post. Crennel once decided who was going to start as quarterback in Cleveland by flipping a coin…..

  • Palko won’t see the field if Orton is cleared… And I will bet anything Stanzi will see at least 1 NFL snap in 2011.

  • Thanks Travis, do you have a source for bit about Haley fighting for Berry in the draft room?

    Don’t doubt it, since Haley was clearly a better evaluator of personnel. It’s also been reported that Haley was against drafting T-Jax.. Considered T-Jax a “system guy” and just wanted to draft BPA.

    The last two years’ drafts have been solid; guess we’ll see how they do this year minus Haley.

  • @Matt – Thanks for the comment. I don’t have any specific links, but if you do some looking around on Google, you will be sure to find statements made by Pioli about Berry and Haley’s statements as well.

    Basically, Pioli made negative remarks about drafting any safety #5 and Haley made comments that Berry was always at the top of HIS draft board.

  • This season is not Haley’s fault 100% but he did set this team up to lose the first three games with his preseason plan and the Chiefs lost at home to Denver and Miami. This division should have been owned by the Chiefs. Both Todd Haley and Scott Pioli screwed it up.

    I am hoping that Pioli doesn’t draft a yes-man but I am afraid your inclination may be right, Travis. You don’t fire your first coach to make what would be a parallel move in getting McDaniels. I will not be happy with a crony hire by Pioli. His buffer for mistakes will go down to nil in my opinion if he does.

    I do want to point two things out about Scott Pioli.. One, New England hasn’t drafted good defensive players since Pioli left. Two, if he would have drafted the best player available instead of Jackson, that player was Aaron Curry.

    I am not a fan of Pioli but he is here for the short-term at least. If he leaves a good QB on the draft board in April, I will definitely not be a fan of his.

  • The worst is that Pioli will stick with Cassel for 2012 regardless, and most likely won’t draft a QB like RG3. Pioli will only hire a HC that will submit to sticking with Cassel as the starting QB. This team will never win again under Pioli.

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