Is it time to panic, at least slightly?

Hi! I am excited to be back for another year of the NFL and, in 11 days, real Chiefs football will be upon us!

On Friday, we all saw another preseason loss for the Kansas City Chiefs by way of another listless game plan provided by Todd Haley. It seems as if the coach’s M.O. is to make the fans feel like their team is really bad. I have a feeling that if Haley had the option, he would play with a basketball so that the rest of the league wouldn’t have any film of the Chiefs playing with a football. No question, the Chiefs would be bad without Jamaal Charles and they would be bad if they had to use a second-team offensive line for the entire second half. No game plan means the team places no import on any of these games. Which I really do not mind since they do not count at all.

We all want to see the Chiefs do well. I find myself watching some of the game and, by instinct, thinking that the Chiefs are really bad and dwelling on the Chiefs’ lack of offense and the poor run defense. I quickly remind myself that it is just preseason. Yes, there will be problems if they look this bad when the Bills come to town.  I really do not think that it is time to panic because the Chiefs will look better with a game plan and one that includes an ample amount of Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs defense will have a good defense. The secondary should be above-average to really good. I think Eric Berry, my pick for the Chiefs defensive player of the year, will be a force that will add to the value that Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr will add. The Chiefs could still find an upgrade from Jovan Belcher but #59 will not detract from the progress of the Chiefs’ D if no upgrade is found. Big things can be expected from rookie Justin Houston. With him and Tamba Hali rushing the passer, teams are going to go to the running game against the Chiefs.

The way the defensive line looks so far, that may be an effective strategy. I was hoping for a breakout season from Tyson Jackson, similar to Glenn Dorsey’s breakout season last year, but I have having more doubts about him going forward. Jackson will get the majority of the snaps but he will have to show that he can tie up, at the very least, one lineman consistently. If he doesn’t prove himself, Allen Bailey may get his chance. Tyson Jackson’s bad outing may be one of the few real negative performances to be concerned about.

Until September 11th gets here, I do not see any respite for Chiefs fans. We all have to trust that there is a method to this madness and the Chiefs do as they should and improve upon last year. They will have to be better than last year to make the playoffs due to the more difficult schedule. They just might if their offense can take a step forward. There should be more weapons for Matt Cassel to deploy this year. The hope is that Jonathan Baldwin is a weapon when he returns. All the weapons the Chiefs have still rely on an offensive line that didn’t look that sharp yesterday. Most of the line should be fine but Barry Richardson’s poor performance is another negative takeaway from the Rams game. If Jared Gaither is healthy in two weeks, he better be one of the tackles.

So the success of the Chiefs comes down to how good the offensive and defensive lines can be and how far Matt Cassel can take the team, which can be said about every team before every year. It’s really not about what has happened in these uninspired preseason games and the last game will not be any different. The Chiefs should be good and could be great but, until the season starts, there will be no indication that that the Chiefs will have any success. I hope it works because football does not need four preseason games. I don’ t think there needs to be 18 regular season games but if the Chiefs can prove that preseason games have negligible value for a football team’s success, maybe there will be less meaning placed on preseason games.

One more thing: I’ve heard a lot of commentary on how the Chiefs miss former offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. Yeah, the Chiefs are nothing without that guy with a front butt riding around in a Rascal. If here were that crucial, he would have a job in the NFL. Certain four-letter networks say stupid things sometimes and this is one of those times.

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  • To be honest, I am worried… Slightly.

    Simply put, I have a hard time believing this team will be able to flip the switch from what they’ve been doing to real NFL competition.

    Maybe Haley plans to put forth some effort in pre-season game 4.

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