Tebow Can Be A Real NFL Quarterback If He Wants To

The dumb fans of Denver got their wish in Week 5 of this NFL season and Tim Tebow took over as starting quarterback for a sluggish Broncos team. After beating the then winless Miami Dolphins and then falling to the Lions, they went on to win their next six games with a great defense and an offense that had a modicum of success running a triple option offense with Tebow running more than passing. He will now ride a white horse into Mile High Stadium and talk with Jesus whilst attempting to win the AFC West.

It appears that, at present, Tebow does not look as invincible as he did weeks ago but he still can put his team into a home playoff game. He is getting more credit than he deserves as he isn’t even the best player on the team, let alone an MVP candidate. The guy has a cult following and he isn’t even that good. What if he were actually winning games and throwing touchdowns? How about playing all four quarters? Chiefs fans should be enjoying all of this success the Broncos are having because it only further supplants Tebow as the Broncos starting quarterback and, unless you believe in weird things like Tim Tebow winning playoff games, this is a good thing to have happen to the Broncos. Who doesn’t like seeing a pissed-off John Elway as well?

One thing that I find a bit odd about Tebow (everything about Tebow is odd) is something that he said. He said that he wanted to be a pro quarterback since he was seven. Did he really? IF so, why would he go to Florida and not learn how to throw the ball? Didn’t any one get to him and tell him that, in order to play in the NFL, you have to be able to throw the ball? One of the reasons that I do not like college football is that I am watching games with teams running offenses that an NFL team cannot run. Florida is a great example of a college team that does not produce many great position players on offense and this is especially true with the quarterback position.

On the Mount Rushmore of Florida QB’s with any success in the NFL has Steve Spurrier, Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow and Danny Wuerffel…wait, I said successful. Tim Tebow goes to Florida and has a great collegiate career while gaining notoriety as he openly proselytized his fundamentalist Christian beliefs. He was not seen as being a great pro prospect but his attributed “intangibles” raised his value (in Josh McDaniel’s opinion) through the roof. Now, he is accredited with winning seven games and is a part of a team that has a chance to make the playoffs and host either Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

I do not like Tebow but I think he is not as annoying as his hype is. He seems like a genuinely decent guy but he has nothing to say but good things about God and everything while not having any football content to offer. He is interesting to watch as well because he does run the option well. I enjoyed the Bears shutting it down for 58 minutes  more than the end of that Bears game but he does run well. It is just not a good idea to try to make a football career out of doing that.

He seems like he should be easily tackled or that a defender will hit him solidly but he is evasive and avoids a lot of hits while refusing to slide more often than not. He does put it together at the end of the game despite not being able to do much in the quarters that led up to the end of the game. I don’t think he is a good teammate because he could silence a lot of this excess nonsense but, like old Brett Favre, he likes the attention too much to do so.

What I think about Tebow going forward is that, if he is really the guy who wills his way to wins and tries the hardest as well as someone who really wanted to be an NFL quarterback, he can go into the off-season and learn how to be one. Maybe keep working on the mechanics and cut down on the horrible release time. Put the Bible as it isn’t going to change and will still suck and be just as wrong when Tebow is done willing his way to being a quarterback who can complete 60% of his short and safe passes.

He may make it three or four years doing what he is doing and he may be a Bronco for all of those seasons but he will not have a long career in the NFL unless he can learn to throw NFL passes. Work with a once real NFL quarterback in John Elway and forget about the intangibles because they have been a crutch too long. Learn to win games in the air because that is where the league is right now.

I always thought he may be dangerous if he did spend three seasons on the bench learning to throw the right way and the proper mechanics. He does have a lot to offer his team and he is athletic enough to be a real NFL quarterback. What will Tebow become now that he is seemingly being figured out or exposed? I think he wants to play the game his way and it might work. It’s more likely that, for once, someone will have to tell him that he isn’t as good as his fans want him to be.

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  • Your spot on. This makes me wonder if in all of Elways on field greatness and w/ his experience/ knowledge of the game that he had if he has ever took it upon himself to work one on one with Tblow. Its is entertaining as you pointed out watching the priceless expressions on Elways face each week. It like a free advertisement for rolaids.

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