Surviving the Hangover

Well ladies and gents, I think we are all in agreement when I say that there really wouldn’t be a point in a ‘What to Watch for’ thread this week. That is, unless you guys are really interested in who used the cold tub vs. who used the hot tub. So instead, I will talk about something relevant to us this week. In a way, this ties into ‘What to Watch for’ because it relates to the Indianapolis Colts game, which will be what we all are watching.

The big question now is whether this bye week comes at a perfect time or if it couldn’t have worse timing. Those who believe that it is bad timing tend to think that the Chiefs will experience a hangover affect, in which they will be knocked out of sync and still be high on the big win last week. I for one believe that it is at a perfect time, but I definitely see why some would believe that it is a momentum killer.

The Kansas City Chiefs are on a roll. Many thought that the hangover affect would occur after the Monday Night Football game against the San Diego Chargers when they went to visit the inferior Cleveland Browns. Arguably, the Chiefs did experience a bit of a hangover, but all that matters at the end of the day is that a W went up in the win column. Then they came out and absolutely DOMINATED the San Francisco 49ers for 59 minutes and 57 seconds. Some believe that when a team is on a roll, the worst thing is for them to get a bye week. I tend to agree with that side normally, but this team and situation is unique. I believe that in this situation a bye week is absolutely perfect.

First off, the Chiefs have proven so far to have very solid game planning. The fact that the coaching staff has two weeks to prepare for the Colts offense is absolutely huge. The defense has played very well this season, but the Colts will have the best offense they will face all season. Giving Romeo Crennel an extra week to watch film and plan for this game could prove to be the difference maker. This game is where the Chiefs can prove to the world that they are for real. They don’t necessarily have to win, but they definitely need to take it down to the wire and prove that they can run with the bulls.

Another positive of the bye is the fact that we have a few injuries. This week will give Tamba Hali a chance to nurture that ankle, Tyson Jackson a chance to hopefully return, and Ryan O’Callaghan a chance to maybe be healthy enough to get his first action of the season. The Chiefs have been blessed with no major injuries to major contributors this season, but getting a fully healthy team is a major plus.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the way the Chiefs have played thus far. A hard fought win against San Diego, a sloppy win against Cleveland, and then a win where everything clicked against the 49ers. I will say that when the Chiefs enter week 7, I will be happy with a 3-2 record, ecstatic with a 4-1 record, and I might lose control of my bowels if we happen to be 5-0. If the Chiefs can go out and compete against the two toughest opponents they will have this season they will prove to the entire world that they are for real, and they will no longer be taken lightly.

My Predictions:

Chiefs – 27

Colts – 20

Chiefs – 21

Texans – 23

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