Why is everyone surprised that the Chiefs Lost?

Kansas City Chiefs lost because the Miami Dolphins was a team that is hungry and are not as bad as their record shows.

Which is the opposite for the Chiefs. The Chiefs have beaten some Bad teams. They are not as good as their record shows. They played 2 good teams and that was week 1 and week 2. and we all remember what happened there.

Chiefs play an overrated Chargers week 3 and lose , then beat a Kyle Boller lead Raiders, which just got destroyed by the Broncos, then get the game handed to them by Phillip Rivers, and all of a sudden the Chiefs are tied for 1st in the bad AFC West division. Now the Chiefs have all their fans thinking they’re good again.

Sorry Chiefs fans, but you’re going through what happened to the Chiefs last season. Chiefs had an easy schedule and made it to the playoffs. We all remember what happened there.

Chiefs will have an easy game this weekend against the Denver Broncos, and I hope all Chiefs fans don’t get to thinking that they are playoff caliber because they beat the Broncos.

The gauntlet is right around the Corner. If the Chiefs win 3 of the next 5 games after the Broncos game, then you can say the Chiefs have a decent team!

Until then, start talking about the draft. Fans should have stuck with Suck For Luck

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  • Aint it though? Im not to Convinced they even beat the Broncos next week .

  • With Tebow’s progression and the Broncos running game working effectively, I think Arrowhead is going to see a repeat performance.

  • As a Bronco Fan i would like to see a Repeat Performance, However, The Raiders didnt Gameplan against that scheme, Im sure the Chiefs will use this week to prepare for the Broncos unlike how they took this week in preparing for the Pfins.

  • Tim Tebows progression? Is that an oxymoron?

  • Actually if you look at what Raiders coach Hue Jackson said is that they game planned for that play all week. He said it was no surprise at all to them, especially since they kept doing it. They said they just couldn’t stop it. So even with preparation sometimes you can’t stop certain things out there.

  • From Detroit to Oakland, if you don’t call that progressing then you probably don’t watch much football. No one said he elite by any standards but he made Oakland look horrible yesterday by running a high school play. That is more than I can say for anything Kansas City did.

  • Jason, I think Michael is suffering from a condition called confirmation bias. It is characterized by a distinct inability to process new information unless it confirms their preconceived notions. Most politicians have it, as do their followers.

    Tebow may never be an Elway. He may never even be a Plummer, but simply discounting a solid win and fine play from a player is blatant ignorance. He is growing as a player, and he hasn’t hit his ceiling. An ass whooping sometimes does more to help a man learn than a game with only mild adversity. We should at least finish the season before we declare anyone a bust.

  • That is what happens when people who cheer for opposing teams in a rivalry write blogs for the same site. If someone writes something good about someone they don’t like, then here come the critics. But you will notice that he made a small statement with absolutely nothing to back it up. Probably spending a lot of time on google trying to find some good points to copy and paste.

  • your Right Jason.
    And Michael quit being a Hater, Learn to Study the Game not just your Team.
    And Tony your spot on.

  • @Jason: Oakland made Oakland look horrible. I don’t need Google to back me up with good points but thank you for recognizing that there are plenty of facts to back my argument. If Timmy played in any other division than the sorry AFC West (see what I did there) then I would say the same thing.

    @Tony: Ill declare Tebow a bust right now. When the seasons over you too will see this. Elway is an elite QB, if you saw his interview with CBS a few weeks back you would see him giving a political performance about letting Tebow have an opportunity this season. Opportunity = there will be someone else next year. It pained Elway to even have to talk about Tebow, look at Elways face during the interview.

    As for my original statement. Tebow has progressed. However it doesn’t take much to progress when you’ve done so little. Why not give him props when he does something at leather sub-par, like maybe pass for 200 yards in a game? Yes 200 yards in a game would be significant for Tebow not for 90% of the back-up quarterbacks in the league. Do you get it now? Tebow learning to put his shoes on the right feet is not worthy of being recognized in the first place, well maybe for Denver fans who ran out and wasted $80 on his jersey on draft day.

    Bottom line: Tebow is a poor mans Tommy Maddox

    P.S. @Carlos FYI: Tommy Maddox was not drafted by the Chiefs.

  • you serious? which Post are you in Reply too? and just incase you didnt know Matt Cassel has a career average of 170 ypg passing. this season he is barely cracking 200 yards a game. so if the bar is 200 yards then Cassel is in the same boat as Tebow. , HowEver. that said.
    I dont Recall saying Tebow is the Next! I say we have a better chance with him in than we do with the other guys on the team. when its all said and done its about Wins and Loses, Tebow has doubled Ortons wins this season in half the amount of tries! and that is without probowler Brandon Lloyd.. whether he throws for a buck fitty and runs for a buck fitty, hes getting the Job Done!

    Tim Tebow is 1 game behind Matt Cassel, look at it however you want ,

    Bottom Line: Tebow is our Steve Deberg

    PS @Michael Parr. Steve Deberg wasnt our Best QB in franchise history

  • @Carlos I’m serious.I’m implying to you saying I only know my team and need to study the game. I never brought Matt Cassel up, but since you did lets discuss. I. How many 300 yard games does Cassel have? More than Timmy How many 200 yard passing games does Cassel have? More than Timmy. Iwould rather have Cassel than Timmy, with that being said I’d rather have about 17 other quarterbacks in the league than Cassel.

    Comparing Tebow to Orton does nothing for your argument either. Orton may or may not be better but lets see Quinn

    Other than playing quarterback what do Tebow and DeBerg have in common?

    All I am saying is if phrasing mediocre progress is what you guys want to do then fine. Talk about Tebow when he does something noteworthy.

  • you dont Understand the Game. Nor the Position!
    Broncos have 3 Quarterbacks, 2 which are not under contract after this season. Which in turn is why Tebow gets the Starts. Broncos have to see what they Got, And to just throw him out there and not game plan to his strengths would be dumb. So if all it Takes is for Tebow to throw 124 yards and rush for over 100 yards to Score 38 points then thats all we expect From him. If the NFL kept Scores Like in Fantasy Football then ya you have a point i would much rather start Quinn or Orton and rack up them yards.
    I mentioned Cassel because you Expect Non Back-up QBs to throw over 200 yards, which Lifetime Average of YOUR starter is less than your expectancy? where you going to set the Bar?
    I ALso would Rather have 25-30 Other QBs in the League Over Tebow, Matt Cassel isnt one of them though! But we cant just drop and Add Players like in fantasy Football, You have to Play with the cards you were dealt with! And i have Explained why Tebow will get the start the rest of the Season!

    And since you like stats more than Wins, heres a couple more for ya. Tebow 7 TDs and 1 INT ,, your Boy Cassel 9Tds and 9 INTs ,, Advantage Tebow ,,,,, Timothy Tebow- QuarterBack Rating ..80,.1 Matt Cassel- QBR 77.8 ,, Advantage Tebow. … JUST SAYING

    Before you worry about who is starting for the Broncos you should look whos calling plays in your Huddle,,, FYI this isnt Fantasy Football!!

    the only Stats you should worry about is Wins and Losses and TDS to INT ratio,,, thats what wins Games,, Not Passing Yards!

    ALL im Saying is Ill Always Praise a Little Progress Before i Praise Regress!!


  • If your saying you’d rather have Tebow than Cassel then you have alot to learn.

    Tebow will not be a starter anywhere next year, period.

    This started with me criticizing Tebow, then Bronco nation gets bent out of shape and tries to say I know nothing about football and blah blah blah.

    I criticize my beloved Chiefs more than any othercteam in the league. I’m not the only person on the planet that thinks Tebow is garbage.

  • @Carlos you said if I’m talking about Fantasy Football then I’m right Cassel is better.

    Isn’t the premise of Fantasy Football tocwtart the player that can give you the most points? So you then back up all of my points…thanks for seeing the light.

  • Michael the only thing you have accomplished here is making sure that I never read any of the garbage that you write on here anymore. Anything that has your name on it, I’ll be sure to move on to something else. I’m sure you are a great football expert and your opinion seems to be one of superiority to everyone else. I would be amazed if you have ever even stepped on a football field for anything other than spectating. If I want the opinion of a little girl know it all, i’ll be sure to look you up.

  • @Jason: I’m sure if you put your Tebow jersey on E-Bay someone may buy it and use it to wash their car.

    On a serious note Jason,in real life not everyone is going to agree w/ everything that you say. Clearly being defensive and name calling is the route you wish to take. I made a statement and then backed up my opinion like a gentleman. Isn’t debating football half of the fun of writing it? I have FYI played football before but that is irrelevant. I’ve never acted in a movie or sitcom so does that mean I don’t have a right to have an opinion on a show or film? Take your ball and go home…

  • Take my ball and go home huh. Okay tough guy, I get your point. I sincerely hope that sometime if you visit KC that we run into each other. In fact I have a MMA class in Lees Summit I teach, next time you are around, come on down and enlighten me with your wisdom.

  • Really? Now you threaten me w/ physical violence. Is that how you handle all of your problems ? Are you the guy that goes home and kicks his dog when you have a bad day? I’m sorry you can’t handle having a civilized discussion w/ out turning green like the incredible hulk and wanting to beat someone senseless when they disagree with you. I’m sure there are anger management classes that you can take somewhere in K.C. Could you imagine Terry Bradshaw sucker punching. Howie Long when they have a difference of opinion on Fox? How about Dan Marino drop kicking Bill Cower in the face when he picks a different team to win a game? Come on man, grow up.

  • No threats, no violence. No reason in having any discussion. Have a good one!

  • You stay classy Mr. Parr. It is always fantastic for a blog’s health to go fanboy jerkoff against the other writers.

    There was nothing civil about any comment you have made, or really, many of the articles you’ve posted. You choose to write with vitriol and sensationalism. It might get a few more hits than a well thought out and simple article, but it doesn’t reflect well on you as a person.

    Please, in the future, refrain from breaking rule #1 in life and the internet: Don’t be a dick.

  • Anyway…

    About 1/3 of the writers here are Broncos fans… The Broncos are my least favorite team in the league, but oh well…

    As far as Tebow’s progression… I’m not sure that he really has progressed. Reports are that the Broncos have overly simplified the offense to fit his skill-set, so it could be argued that rather than progressing, the entire offense has digressed to fit his abilities, or lack there of.

    As far as Tebow’s leadership and ability to win – That’s unquestioned!

    I don’t think Tebow can be a successful QB in the NFL, but I am waiting to see about 10+ games (starts, I guess) from him to jump to that conclusion.

    I figure after that many starts, even the Tebow lovers/haters will be able to comfortably admit they were wrong, if that is the case.

  • @travis Well you will have one less Broncos fan to worry about now. I agree with you on them simplifying it, only time will tell what Tim will be able to do. My writing days will end as quickly as they started, but no worries, I am not a very good writer as it is.

  • @Tony
    I made a comment, I backed my comment up, I got insulted and threatened and it all gave me a good laugh because it was blatantly ignorant. :)

    Not everyone is going to agree w/ each other all the time, but a man with character who stands by his beliefs, and openly discusses why he thinks what he does will not be a victim of conformity.

  • I never said that you shouldn’t disagree. I said you shouldn’t be a dick. There is a pretty clear difference. You and Joshua Simpson are guilty of this in nearly every article and comment.

    We create content for the same website and all you want to do is start flame wars. Trolling isn’t going to get traffic here. If you are content to make the comments section on this site look like the horror that makes up youtube comments, that is your own deal, but it would be unwise to continue.

    And for the record, I’ve been a Tebow detractor ever since McDaniels spent a ridiculous amount of picks on him. I don’t care if he is the QB of the future or not.

    With how busted up the Broncos are this year, he is at least more fun to watch. All that being said, if he has a decent game, and can overcome a ten point halftime deficit, then he did something right, and we have a right to be excited by it. Just like when you blew out the raiders, you got to gloat a bit as a team, even though it is very doubtful you will break 8-8.

  • @parr ,, Apperantly you are argueing with yourself when you talking to me, your making points that i Made. your arguing points that you made, and when i make a point you argue it when my point is agreeing with your point! then when my point is made you think i made your point! example ..”@Carlos you said if I’m talking about Fantasy Football then I’m right Cassel is better.

    Isn’t the premise of Fantasy Football tocwtart the player that can give you the most points? So you then back up all of my points…thanks for seeing the light.”"

    YES that is what i Said, and i said that this ISNT fantasy Football. Yards mean more to a Fantasy Football League than they do to the National Football League.
    I dont Get what exactly your Arguing?

    and your not picking up what im putting down!

    I dont mind your Oppinions but what i do mind is your ignorance to the fact.

    My stance is that the Chiefs are Highly OverRated by their Fans,
    And that Tebow is Progressing,
    Untill proven otherwise.

    and ya , I understand Tebows progress is little, but its still progress. hes just a Winner.

  • In the end all we have are a few stats and few NFL games on Tebow to draw much conclusion from all of this. The only thing that will be the end all is time. In time we will find out who was right and who was wrong about Tebow. It is all speculation at this point. He has show a lot of areas of weakness in his game but has managed to go 3-3 up until this point in his career. I will be surprised if he ends up being a long term starter for the Broncos regardless of progress, regress, or anything else. I think Fox and Elway were put into this mess from the McDaniels era and I would not be at all surprised to see Tebow somewhere else in the future because of that.

  • @Tony, your saying not to be a dick. Go reread your first comment to Jason about me after my first post. Are you not being a hypocrite?

    @Carlos, I don’t even know where to begin, but when you say the Chiefs are highly overrated by their fans then you obviously don’t read the very board you write for.

  • Jason C. your right on there! couldnt agree anymore!

    Parr im glad thats all you had to say.. i do read the posts on this board, but then i also hear the hundreds of callers on the sprots talk shows, that i spend an easy 8 hrs listening to everyday. and the 30 to 40 season ticket holders that My job gives me the pleasure to deal with! all my friends are Chiefs Fans,, So taking all that into account then add the 8 or 9 guys that are chiefs fans on here that post ill say the majority think the Chiefs are good because they beat poor teams! this yaer and especially LASt Season!

    Travis , i would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity to watch and write about sports. God Bless ;)

  • Does anyone think Tebow should be a FLEX player he could be a QB TE RB why not him do a little of everything, he is not a great QB but if you mixed him with Orton or another passing not mobile QB i think you could run some crazy plays keeping the Defense on their heels. I do enjoy watching Tebow play and do believe he creates a little light in the tunnel for the rest of the team that helps the team WIN! He was probably the only guy in Miami said come on guys we can win this. @Parr @Jason Easy Easy get ready for some great football STATS aside CHIEFS VS BRONCOS HERE WE GO!!!

  • I always thought we should play orton but as soon as they got in the red zone . Tebow should come in and run the offense .. and when the 4th quarter gets down to 6 minutes its Tebow time. Cause that’s the only time Orton sucks. – redzone and finals of the 4th .. gonna be a good game this weekend buncha scrubs vs the over rated under hated chiefs ..

  • :) now what ? the worst Qb in History just beat the Chifs

  • This Thread just needs 2 or 3 more comments to move one off the popular list:)

    So ,, Whys Everybody Surprised the Chiefs Got beat by the Broncos?

  • that was Funny,, couple hours after I posted that I was close to the Popular list.. Someone takes it off the Home Page. Weird!

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