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Well Chief fans, Here you have it, Last years chiefs have arrived, except this time ALL their players are healthy!

In week 1 you atleast had the excuse that Tamba hali was suspended and Brandon Flowers was not playing! Well whats the excuse this week? That Defense on the field on Sunday was SAD.

Chiefs Cant Run the ball.  Matt Cassel Cant throw the ball, Jon Baldwin cant find the field, Romeo cant Coach and Coordinate at the same time, Pioli Cant Manage, Defense cant Tackle, Hunt cant spend!,  Fans cant be Happy!

Bob Fescoe of 610 Sports said The Chiefs Are “An embarrassing Sucking train Wreck of a Football team!” The players need to play Like a MAN!!  ”PERFORM LIKE YOU CARE” , “ADMIT THAT YOU SUCK” and I couldnt agree anymore! you can listen to his rant on the chiefs here at this link  The way Fescoe Feels is the Way EVERY CHIEF FAN SHOULD FEEL!!

Jamal Charles said “We just didnt come out and PLAY!” … NO CRAP ?

I said it last week and I’ll say it again ,, STAND up Chief fans, Let them know how you FEEL, Quit acting like its going to get better! Season tickets should be sold with a bottle of Vaseline! that way only your Feelings hurt on the weekends!

Let Me here it Chiefs fans. Whats your Excuse this weekend? and why will it get better next week?


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