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Classless, sickening, pathetic, and sad were supposed to be words I would use to describe the Chiefs play this week, but instead I have to turn those words in another direction.  After another dismal performance by the Kansas City Chiefs offense I was prepared to do what seems like habit now and rip them apart.  I was ready to point out with another four turnovers by Matt Cassel that the Chiefs are now -15 in turnover differential which is the worst in the league.  I was even going to add that while the Chiefs failed to reach the endzone this week, that the Chicago Bears Defense has scored two touchdowns each of the last two weeks.  That is what I should have written about today, but instead I have to apologize to Matt Cassel on behalf of all Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Yesterday the “greatest” fans in the NFL cheered as their starting quarterback was knocked out and suffered a head injury.  That puts the Chiefs fans on par with the Philadelphia Eagles fans who cheered as Michael Irvin was carried off the field in a stretcher in a 1999 regular season game.  Everywhere I look today I see the words classless, sickening, pathetic, and sad used to describe the Kansas City Chiefs fans.  Sickening is the word Tackle Eric Winston properly used after the game as he rightfully defended his teammate.  Pair this on the heels of the constant booing of Robinson Cano and his Dad at the Home Run Derby and what are outsiders supposed to think about Kansas City fans?  I have bragged many times that the best part of the Kansas City Chiefs was Arrowhead Stadium and the fans.  Nothing compares to the smell of barbeque and the hospitality of strangers offering food up to any fan passing by in the parking lot.  Nothing compares to standing all game long and the constant cheering that gives the Chiefs a definite home field advantage.  Now with the reach of social media and the new fear of head injuries, the Chiefs cheering Cassel’s injury will be making the rounds for a few days till just about everyone is sick of hearing the story over and over again.

We all know this Chiefs team is bad.  It doesn’t matter if it is Cassel, Quinn, or anyone else.  They are going to keep losing.  The once hallowed grounds of Arrowhead are now tainted because of the fans.  While he doesn’t deserve it for his play, Matt Cassel deserves a standing ovation whenever he is ready to come back because that is what Chiefs fans are SUPPOSED to do.  It is the fans’ turn to step up and do the right thing.  Matt Cassel we are sorry.

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  • I’m sure you know that not all 75,000 cheered. Right?

  • Of course they didn’t. But the terrible actions of a small minority reflected on all chiefs fans. So either way chiefs fans looked terrible nationally since that was the most publicity the chiefs got all year.

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