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Schedule Rundown: Wins and Losses

Everyone loves doing this, whether it’s the day the schedule comes out or a week before the season. Here are my predictions for the Chiefs schedule and final record! By the way, this is by no means a statistical analysis, I’m just going with my gut here.

Week 1 vs. San Diego Chargers

WIN, 24-17. If the Chiefs are going to do anything this year, they MUST win this game. San Diego’s roster is depleted with the losses of Shawne Merriman, Vincent Jackson, Marcus McNeil and other starters for Week One and most of the early part of 2010.

Week 2 @ Cleveland Browns

WIN, 17-10. The Browns just don’t seem to be very good. They ran all over the Chiefs last year though. This should be interesting.

Week 3 vs. San Fransisco 49ers

LOSS, 21-9. The Niners are the sexy pick to go all the way to the Super Bowl this year. Chiefs will run with them in the first half, but I think San Fran has much more talent than the Chiefs.

Week 4 BYE.
Week 5 @ Indianapolis Colts

LOSS, 34-13. This is truly the only unwinnable game on the schedule. I don’t think the Chiefs are ready to run with Peyton Manning and his boys.

Week 6 @ Houston Texans

LOSS, 37-27. This is where the schedule gets tough. Houston is another sexy pick for Super Bowl contenders. Once again, I think this is a game where the Chiefs’ coaching staff out-coaches Houston’s, but the difference of talent on the depth chart shows up in the 4th quarter and the Chiefs can’t hold on.

Week 7 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

WIN, 38-14. After three losses to superior teams, the Chiefs will run over the Jags as Jamaal Charles, Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle combine for over 350 rushing yards and 5 rushing TDs.

Week 8 vs. Buffalo Bills

WIN, 21-3. The Bills are not good. We better win this freaking game.

Week 9 @ Oakland Raiders

LOSS, 9-7. I hate picking the Raiders, but I see this being an ugly game, with terrible officiating and the Raiders’ benefiting from a late bullshit pass interference call or something late in the game.

Week 10 @ Denver Broncos

WIN, 21-17. The Broncos are in a period of transition and the Chiefs rolled them at Mile High last year. Jamaal Charles once again will cause fits for the Donks’ and rush for over 175 yards.

Week 11 vs. Arizona Cardinals

WIN, 17-14. The Chiefs continue their winning ways in the second half of the season as Ryan Succop boots a 57-yard field goal for the win as time expires against the Cards.

Week 12 @ Seattle Seahawks

LOSS, 10-6. Seattle’s stupid weather will get in the way, as the Chiefs will fumble the ball four times in the red zone. Pete Carroll’s defense plays well, but this will just be one of those games in which the Chiefs shoot themselves in the foot.

Week 13 vs. Denver Broncos

WIN, 31-20. The Chiefs are simply better than the Broncos this year.

Week 14 @ San Diego Chargers

LOSS, 35-17. A completely healthy and restored San Diego team takes out its revenge on the Chiefs.

Week 15 @ St. Louis Rams

WIN, 37-6. In what may as well be a home game for the Chiefs, the Chiefs defense will sack Sam Bradford five times and hold St. Louis to under 200 yards of total offense.

Week 16 vs. Tennessee Titans

LOSS, 24-3. The Chiefs suffer their worst offensive performance of the year, while watching Chris Johnson scamper for 200 yards of rushing.

Week 17 vs. Oakland Raiders

WIN, 22-13. The Chiefs defeat the Raiders in front of a sellout crowd on Sunday Night Football to win the AFC West after scoring all 22 of their points in the second half.

Final record: 9-7. AFC West Champions.

This was the “rose-colored glasses” version of my predictions, I would do a pessimistic version, but that just wouldn’t be much fun now would it?

But, 9-7 does seem like a realistic possibility. There aren’t any “shockers” or upsets on here. If the Chiefs win the games they are supposed to, this could be an awesome season.

What are your picks?
Compare your picks to Chiefs Command bloggers’ predictions.

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  • I really like these predictions. I can easily see this.

  • I think this team has a good chance to stay CONSISTENT throughout the year. No ups and downs like we saw last year in games like Dallas, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Cleveland.

    Win the games you should win and throw in a shocker or two, this COULD be a 10 win team. Not saying they're going to be, but there is potential here for a cinderella season.

  • These are exactly my predictions, EXCEPT i have us losing to Arizona and beating Seattle. still 9-7 though.

  • If there's no excitement or optimism going into this game, which is the biggest and most important regular season game in recent memory, then you need to get your head checked. Fans should be excited and optimistic about big games.

  • This game is more winnable than last year's opener at Baltimore (and the Chiefs were reasonably closer last year) but I don't think this game is a must-win and I don't think it will be a win for the Chiefs.

  • @Tom I don't think fans need to be optimistic but they should and probably are excited. I am very excited about Monday's game but I still think that SD beats the Chiefs. I am cautiously pessimistic about any game that I think the Chiefs have a less than 50% chance of winning and this game is one of them (~30-50% I would say). It's hard not to be pessimistic with the way the Chiefs have performed the last three seasons.

  • I think (and hope) that you are in for a surprise. Arrowhead will be rockin.

  • I do believe that fans should be excited and even overly-optimistic. Its why being a fan is great. I just don't see things going well on opening night. I hope I am wrong, I really do.

  • @Brian… I like it… Already setting up an out with readers for your predictions last week!!! :)

    9-7 is right where I have the Chiefs… I'm not 100% sold on the Chiefs winning on Monday night, but DAMN' it would feel good to be in 1st place again!!!!

    Now matter how soon it is or how long it lasts…

  • Since Brian is changing his prediction to between 7-9 and 9-7…I hereby officially change my prediction. Chiefs will win between 0-16 games during the regular season. Book it!

  • @Nick… You know the saying with the media people, "You don't need to be right, you just need to be 1st!"

    (or soemthing like that)

  • Hahaha

    This is my "rose colored glasses" prediction! Can't you read, Nick?

    I still think we go 7-9 though.

    Just a quick glance at the schedule and you can see at least 7 "should be" wins.

  • I figure if I can post a permutation of every w/l record between 0-16 and 16-0 somewhere on the interwebs, I can reference it later and prove myself to be the football prediction genius that I am.

    while being 1st is better than being right, never forget the maxim

    "If you say it louder, then you are right"

  • Brian,

    Lets be honest. I only read works by Dostoevsky in their native Russian. I don't lower myself to read a lowly blog on some barbaric sport. I am much too high-brow for that. I only post here because of the six figure salary.

  • Ya, throwing a few F-Bombs really PROVES the point as well…

    I try to say it 1st, loud and encompass a few F-Bombs!!!

  • Travis, I knew you got that

    "Marriotti 4 EVA"

    tattoo on your abdomen for a reason.

  • I have doubts about the first two weeks. I would hope that the Chiefs could be the Browns wherever they play and it is a good time to play SD but there aren’t any gimme games in the first 6 weeks. It reminds me of last year’s schedule but this one is slightly easier because the NFC West is much weaker than the NFC East.

    The way I look at the schedule, my 7-9 prediction sticks but the range of games that they will win is wide. I am setting the Chiefs’ win floor at 4 and the ceiling at 11. The schedule is easy enough for the Chiefs to, at worst, fall into four wins or, at best, win 6 games at home and take advantage of most of their weaker matches.

    I still can’t get over how the Chiefs were unable to win the games against some of those horrible opponents. I think they will win two more of those games they should win and another one where they get an upset which brings the win total to 7. I hope my pessimism is underestimation because this schedule gives a team that might not be a playoff team a chance to make the playoffs, a la KC 2006.


    I hope you are right, Brian

  • I think there is a tad too much confidence going into the Monday Night game. But around here I am the resident pessimist.

  • No way the Chiefs score 30+ points three times this season, if even once!

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