San Diego Chargers rumored sale could have KC impact

Late last night Mike Florio of reported a story that billionaire Philip Anschutz is prepared to purchase 35% of the San Diego Chargers. Anschutz is the CEO of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). The full story can be read here.

This is interesting, of course, for two reasons. The first being that if Anschutz purchases the Chargers, he will likely move them to Los Angeles, building a stadium near the money soaked LA Live! entertainment district, which already includes 19,000-seat Staples Center, which houses the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and NHL’s Kings. A divisional rival in Los Angeles? Hey, that makes it easier for me to hate them.

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    The second reason this is interesting is that Anschutz’s company, AEG, owns and operates Kansas City’s Sprint Center. So what is the impact of an NFL team potentially being owned by AEG? Well, since Anschutz is about to sink hundreds of millions, possibly billions, of dollars into the purchase of an NFL franchise and the construction of a new stadium, this likely puts the prospects of getting an NHL or NBA team in Sprint Center even further back on AEG’s to-do list.

    I don’t think AEG ever truly wanted to put an anchor tenant in Sprint Center. They’re doing just fine without one. It’s one of the most profitable arenas in the world and the third busiest concert arena in North America.

    So what’s it gonna take for KC to get their NHL/NBA dreams fulfilled? Well, probably a local person with a ton of money looking to take a chance on their hometown. But since none of our local millionaires/billionaires have the cajones to do so, it looks like we’ll just have to make do with college basketball in the mean time.

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