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Rock this house: Arrowhead on Monday Night Football

The rosters are set. The teams are preparing as each day passes. Fans are hurriedly grabbing up what tickets they can get. We’ve waited for nearly six months for this day to come.

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. The San Diego Chargers. Week One. Game One. National Television. Must win.

There’s no doubt about it. A win in Week One will catapult this team. You may think I am rehashing what Tom Fehr wrote last week, but I am only reinforcing it. This is critical. The importance of this game outweighs any game the Chiefs have played in several years. The playoff race starts NOW. You have to start hacking away at the legs of the San Diego Chargers if you want to take them down. The table is set for the Chiefs to do just that. San Diego will not have Marcus McNeil, Vincent Jackson or Shawne Merriman on their active roster. Their window is closing and the Chiefs could very well send the Bolts into a tailspin in Week One.

Arrowhead Stadium is where this journey begins. With 80,000 lunatics, ready to blow the doors off of the New Arrowhead.

Football is one of the few sports in which a home field advantage is a real, tangible thing. The proof is in the history of Arrowhead Stadium. When the Chiefs are good, hell, when the Chiefs are decent, Arrowhead is without a doubt, the toughest place for opposing teams to win in the NFL.

The players can only do so much. As fans, we have to show up. At this point we’re undefeated and the AFC West division title may as well be on the line this coming Monday. And the road to an AFC West division title runs through San Diego.


It has to rock like it did in the 90s, when Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith were terrorizing John Elway and Jeff Hostettler. It has to rock like it has never rocked before. The Chiefs are banging the “New Body. Same Soul.” wardrum, and sure, there may be a few more “upper crust” types sitting in the club level, but the same red-clad maniacs that have occupied the Sea of Red for the last 25 years are going to be there…and the noise will be brought.

Arrowhead hasn’t truly been its old self since Dick Vermeil left, but I think there’s going to be some serious electricity in the air.

I get goosebumps just thinking about what the atmosphere is going to be like on Monday Night. Arrowhead is an intimidating place, no matter what time of day it is. But when those lights go on and the Sea of Red is at high tide after a long parking lot party, the volume is turned up to 11 and you can barely hear yourself think.

If you don’t have tickets for this game, splurge and buy a pair of upper deck seats (surprisingly, there are still a few hundred seats left). Go to the Royals’ game beforehand, get pumped up with the tailgaters in the parking lot, have a few Dr. Peppers (wink) AND GET FIRED UP.

There’s no reason to be pessimistic about this season. Not yet, anyways. So get up. Wear red. Get loud. Bang on that orange, yellow or red seat and blow Phillip Rivers f**king eardrums out.

It’s Arrowhead Stadium. A Midwestern monument to noise. Restore the roar.

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  • One note about buying tickets. In order to purchase tickets for this game – unless you go through a broker – you have to purchase other home games too. Tickets for this game through the Chiefs are now ONLY available through other ticket plans from what I have learned.

  • I checked online last night and there were still single tickets available… FYI, you most likely can get them from scalpers cheaper. I haven't paid face value for a chiefs ticket since the Colts playoff game in 2004.

    I paid face value for those tics.

  • I read a Rivers comment yesterday where he said Arrowhead would be loud, like it always is. BS. He's never heard it like it was during those days you talk about. If we can recreate that, it will have goosebumps on everyone's arms Monday nite. Our new players will swallow HARD and then finally realize what it means to be a Kansas City Chief. I remember driving by on I-70 late one afternoon in the 90's and I couldn't even hear the radio with the windows up!

  • This is the main reason I am so pissed I can't go to the game. I want to yell my damn lungs out in a truly meaningful game. Haven't been able to do that in a long time. I completely agree, the fans need to be yelling like hell, and they will be.

    If you're reading this and are more of a casual, sit back and watch fan, please reconsider that for this game. Yell. Yell a lot.

    Great article, Brian. Ready for some football.

  • I got my tickets on StubHub. They have roughly 400 tickets left for the game. And as far as ticketmaster, the "best available" that they have left in a group of two are in the 32nd row in the corner endzones of the view level.

    This game will be sold out, but I can't believe there are still these many tickets left just three days before the game. I would estimate there's still about 1,500 seats left.

  • I was thinking about going, but I don't know now… I really want to watch the Ravens/Jets game also.

  • uh. are you kidding me? go.

  • I go to 4-6 a year… Missing this one really doesn't matter to me. I would rather go to the Royals game, I think.

    A 9:15 kickoff isn't really appealing to me either. I'm really not surprised at all that the game isn't sold out.

    Last year's home opener didn't sell out either.

  • that last comment made me very, very sad on the inside. to each his own, i guess.

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