Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III: The RG3 Effect

We all know that the NFL is a copy-cat league, it may be too early to say that Team Tebow is a success. However, if the option-style offense the Denver Broncos are running becomes a trend, as the Wildcat has, then teams all across the league may not just be, open and willing but, be planning for the this new offensive syle. So what team could fit this style of play?

The Kansas City Chiefs have the talent across the board to create havoc and defensive mismatches for D-Coordinators. Let’s just imagine the option-read with Jamaal Charles in the backfield. It’s kinda like pick your poison, Charles can burn you…. or Robert Griffin III can burn you. Want to stack the box? well, the Chiefs still have Dwayne Bowe, Jon Baldwin, Steve Breaston, and Dexter McCluster!! That’s just way to many mismatches and plenty of points will be scored.  Robert Griffin is a world world class athlete. I’ve never seen anyone like him. What I really mean by that is… I’ve never seen anyone as good as he is. Yes, Cam Newton, Michael Vick and Vince Young play “like” him but, none is in Griffin’s league. Not nearly.

RG3 is smart. He can zip the ball with accuracy. He can pull up and loft the ball long with touch. His play fake is great and he had a TD in this game with a killer play fake. He’s a humble kid too. He gave his OL first credit when interviewed after the game.  He’s loyal too. Prior to his freshman year, when coach Art Briles, who had recruited him to the University of Houston was hired by Baylor, he changed his letter of intent to Baylor too. So everyone is sucking for Luck. But why not suck for Griffin III ?? He’s got all of the intangibles and could have an immediate impact on team. His speed complemented by his spiral is unbeatable. RG3 is a Hall of Famer waiting to happen, and we all want him to happen to the Chiefs.

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  • if you listen to the Predator of the Prairie Podcast you’ll know, I bee trumpeting the RGIII horn ALL Season! So I think ur dead on with ur assessment; except for the HOF reference…:) let him take a snap first.

  • RG3 is definitely my choice!

    I’m ready for some excitement from the QB position in KC.

    Trent Green was great with the Chiefs, and anyone who disagrees is, simply put, an idiot… But there hasn’t been true fan excitement from the QB position since Joe Montana… and that was a very short period of time.

  • I live in the Dallas area and have been in love with Griffin’s game for four years now. It is not fair to compare him to Tebow. They are not very similar at all. A better comparison is actually Cam Newton or a younger Donovan McNabb. While he is very athletic and extremely fast he is a pass first QB. When he first got to Baylor he was an option guy only but now he is a complete QB. Baylor does not frequently run him on designed plays because he is good enough now to just tuck and run when needed. I would love for the Chiefs to draft Griffin. I know McNabb is not a popular figure anymore but if he has a career similar to his for the Chiefs I would be very happy

  • @Bryce – Agreed… McNabb has greatly tarnished his legacy at the end of his tenure in Philly and everything since leaving, but overall a great career and I would be happy to draft RG3 and for him to have a similar career.

  • He would improve the Chiefs offense greatly!! also, he would make plays with his legs if the pocket collapses and move in the pocket to make the perfect throw. the best thing about him is he don’t run unless he is forced to or see’s a huge gap in coverage. I absolutely love this kid.

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