Road to the playoffs starts now

Kind of a dumb title I know, because technically, the road to the playoffs start in week one according to this little dandy I wrote a couple of months ago.

Here we go, Chiefs Nation. Time to fire up the pacemaker and make sure your heart and soul are ready for these last five weeks of the season. The Chiefs are sitting in the driver’s seat. The San Diego Chargers are barreling down on us, but each week, the Chiefs prove they won’t be denied. The Chiefs sit at 7-4, still perched a top the AFC West.

The Broncos are out of it. A win next week by the Chiefs mathematically eliminates Denver. All you have to know about the Broncos is that it’s the Broncos. The team who humilated us a couple of weeks ago. Since then, the Broncos have been in turmoil. Todd Haley’s non-handshake seemed to be the start of Josh McDaniel’s downward spiral in which his team has now lost two games in a row and has put him in the center of an investigation about the Broncos videotaping *ahem* policy. Make no doubt, this game will be personal.

I’ll have more in-depth thoughts on the Broncos later this week. We’re about to find out a lot about this Chiefs’ team. Right now, they are division contenders. We haven’t been out of first place all season, except for one week where the Raiders held a better divisional record than the Chiefs. The final five games of the season are critical for establishing a true identity for this team. All year, the experts have been questioning whether or not the Chiefs are contenders. The Chiefs have a chance to snuff out the Chargers in the next few weeks. Of course, the current objective is the beat Denver this week, but the overall objective, is to distance ourselves from San Diego. That showdown in two weeks in San Diego will be about as high profile as you can get in the NFL and could very well decide who wins the division.

Now here’s your frightening-as-hell fact of the night: The San Diego Chargers have NEVER lost a home game in December under Norv Turner. That is horrifying.

But we can’t worry about that. The power rests in the Chiefs’ hands. If it comes down to a tie with San Diego, division records will be the tie-breaker. We can win all of the games we want, but if we can’t beat teams in our division, we won’t have squat. This team could finish 10-6, but have a 2-4 division record and watch the Chargers once again win the division. Win the remainder of the schedule, and you won’t have to worry about that.

These last five games are critical. We haven’t won diddly yet.

I gave you your frightening-as-hell stat of the day earlier in the post, so how about I give you the encouraging-as-hell stat of the day?

The first year of Scott Pioli’s regime in New England, the Patriots went 5-11. The next year? The Pats went 11-5 and won the Super Bowl.

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  • The Chiefs and the Chargers could conceivably win every other game on the schedule besides the game against each other and the game two weeks from now could decide who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t. The Chargers really scare me at this point but I think the Chiefs can play better than the Colts played on Sunday night.

    If the Chiefs make the playoffs, they will have earned it.

  • That Norv Turner fact is crazy!

    Both teams have the capabilities and the schedule to go undefeated the rest of the way, so the matchup in a couple weeks should be a great one and may, very well be the determining factor of who makes it.

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