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Renovations to Arrowhead Stadium Were a Waste of Our Money

A grand total of $375 million was spent on renovations to Arrowhead Stadium (now unofficially being called “New Arrowhead) that were completed this year, and it all was a big waste of our money. The renovations include wider concourses, new video boards at both end zones, renovations to the suites, more suites in place of where the old press box was, and a new press box (way up high, apparently to keep the media as far away from the field as possible), a Chiefs Hall of Fame, and a new video scoreboard along the ring of the stadium.

Yet, the negative aspects of these renovations by far outweigh the positive ones.

For starters, they took down the Ring of Honor. Previously, Kansas City Chiefs greats such as Len Dawson, Derrick Thomas, Bobby Bell, and others were displayed proudly, overlooking the field. Now, there is nothing but concrete and a new video scoreboard. This change is the most unsettling of the renovations. Not only is it disgraceful that the Ring of Honor is completely gone, but they replaced it with a scoreboard that not only doesn’t show scores from around the NFL, but they show almost zero stats from the game being played at Arrowhead. In a sport where the outcome of one divisional game means so much, and in a world where many fans are in fantasy football leagues, it is ridiculous that Arrowhead does a horrible job of keeping the fans up to date. During the game, one has no idea what Matt Cassel’s stat line is unless they have access to the internet. This would be bearable  with today’s use of technology and mobile devices, but in many cases it is almost impossible to get internet access in a crowded stadium. Most of the time, the use of the video scoreboard is limited to showing an image of “Miller Lite” or “Hy-Vee” logos. Scores from around the league are very rarely shown, and when they are on the scoreboard, they only show a couple games at a time.

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    The Chiefs whored themselves out on this one; instead of honoring the all time greats or using the scoreboard to make it a more enjoyable experience for the fans, they show less information than “Old Arrowhead” did, instead they use the scoreboard that the people of Kansas City paid for to make more money for themselves by only showing advertisements. Seriously, do you need the Miller Lite icon around the scoreboard 100 times?

    Here’s another huge negative for regular fans: what happened to Gates? Kansas City’s most popular barbecue place used to sell their food inside Arrowhead stadiums to hungry fans, but it is no longer there. The food selection at the New Arrowhead is subpar at best.

    There are only a few positives to the renovations. For one, the concourses are wider, so getting in and out is slightly easier, although you still have to make your way through the wave of fans. For another, the video boards are slightly better, and the Chiefs Hall of fame is pretty good, despite the fact that the Ring of Honor was removed. Also, if you are fortunate enough to have seats on the club level, you get a bunch of shiny new upgrades. But most fans aren’t in the club level, so this doesn’t help the experience of the everyday fan.

    The $375 million for renovations that the Kansas City Chiefs wasted shows that the organization really is out of touch with its regular everyday lower-deck and upper-deck fans. If, before the renovations were done, you asked an average fan what they’d like to see the $375 million go towards, a scoreboard that keeps us up to date with stats from today’s game and other games from around the league seems like a no-brainer. Another obvious answer would be better food. The Chiefs did neither of these.

    Going to games at the “New Arrowhead” Stadium has been a blast this year; but this is because of the product that Scott Pioli and Todd Haley have put on the field, not the stadium itself. The Chiefs as an organization and the people in charge of the renovations should be ashamed of themselves for not only failing to use $375 million to improve the game day experience of regular Chiefs fans, but for making it worse.

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    • AMEN! The chiefs hooked themselves to the Royals in order to get free taxpayer money that they didn’t need.

    • I agree with you on some parts tom.

      But this was necessary to keep the Chiefs and Royals here for the long term. I think the renovations are great, but the New Arrowhead is lacking some of that “old school” charm that it had prior to the renovations.

      I just wish we could attach 50,000 helicopters to the TSC and airlift it downtown and plop it in between power and light and crown center.

    • no way. Neither the royal nor the chiefs were going anywhere. This was a boondoggle, plain and simple.

    • Brian- I’m not arguing against the idea of renovations, but the renovations themselves made the game day experience for the average fan worse overall. They needed to do a better job and taking down the ring of honor was downright disgraceful

    • You heard it here first. Good job, Tom.

    • Tom, thanks for the article, and I hope you don’t take my following comments too personally.

      My big gripe about the article… The title should have read “a Waste of YOUR Money.”

      I don’t take too kindly in most instances of Johnson County residents bashing on Jackson County sports facilities, or any other issues that improve the Metro area, especially since Johnson County ONLY looks out for their selves ANY time a a Bi-State proposition is brought forward to benefit the Kansas City Metro area as a whole, in turn forcing Jackson County residents step up financially to improve Kansas City on their own.

      I go to a football game to tailgate, watch the game and drink beer with my friends… I give a shit less about fantasy stats while I am at a game… Also, I have NEVER had problem with internet service in the stadium, in fact Arrowhead offers free Wi-Fi in the stadium… Just switch that little setting on your phone an you will be good to go. Companies still make AM/FM radios, right? That way you hear about everything around the NFL.

      As far as the Ring of Honor, who cares? The Hall of Honor is infinitely better than big black letter screwed into concrete. A brass bust and a story goes a lot further to remember the Chiefs greats of years past.

      Improved experience for every fan – You’re WAY off there. Yes, the Club Level and suites are greatly improved, but that’s the big money maker when it comes to tickets… That is what allows the Chiefs the ability to offer a $30 ticket, so MORE families can come to and experience a game in the first place.

      Beyond that, getting around faster, getting food faster and a quicker piss all improve my game day experience, no matter where I am sitting in the stadium.

      Regarding Gates: Ya, that sucks. Blame that on the agreement with Aramark to run concessions. Aramark also scrapped the idea of multiple KC BBQ joints represented in the outfield plaza of Kauffman Stadium.

    • haha well, since you’re the editor you can change our to your if you want. i just meant a waste of the chiefs and chiefs fans’ money as a whole. and obviously I disagree with you on a lot, the ring of honor was one of the cool things about being inside arrowhead before, I do think that the scoreboard is worthless as it only shows scores during timeouts, and even then only shows a couple per timeout.
      Idk what service you have, but I’ve heard complaints from people on Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile about not being able to do anything on their phones at the stadium.
      And, if you haven’t noticed, basically no one shows up to those gold club seats, so no, it doesn’t help bring more people to the stadium.

    • I’m not going to change the title.

      Not showing too many scores could also be a coaching/GM decision as well. You always hear about it late in the season, not showing scores of teams fighting for the playoffs so the team will focus on the game at hand… With this team’s philosophy, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out they think every game should be handled the same way.

      I think you completely missed my point about the Club Level… Club Level seats are not $30, but having suites, which are VERY expensive, allows the Chiefs the ability to offer cheap tickets in other areas.

    • no, the suites allow the chiefs to pocket more profit and not have to spend money to build them. They essentially stole money from the jackson county taxpayers to increase their profit. It’s embarrassing.

    • BTW, not only does it bug me that the Chiefs wasted a lot of the taxpayer money, but they’ve historically been one of the cheapest teams in the NFL since Clark Hunt took over. We don’t spend any money on players. hopefully that will change soon, as B Flowers, Tamba, DJ all have contracts that will need to be redone

    • but travis is right. Johnson countians don’t get a say.

    • That’s fine, I think it was a waste of Jackson County’s money then. is that better?

    • Yes, Tom. ANd I agree with you. We did waste our money. You nailed it. I hate giving welfare to sports teams, especially nfl teams which have no need whatsoever. You play 8 games there, who cares how nice it is?

    • I think the real travesty is that most of the stadium looks full and then you see the club level endzones and it looks like a Jacksonville Jaguars game. Those seats are too expensive in the first place.

    • It’s up to taxpayers to call a bluff if they think a team will leave a city or not… To me, a 1/10 of a cent, or whatever this one was, isn’t enough for me to take that chance… I need to live in a city with baseball and football.

      The people are there… They are inside. Club Level isn’t for fans anyway… It is for socializing and schmoozing clients.

      I have friends who bartend in the Club bars. They have told me that a lot of people don’t even go to their seats.

    • @ChiefsCommand what’s the point of continually tweeting this?

    • @davehukill We have many new followers every day…

    • @ChiefsCommand oh, okay! Kind of irrelevant isn’t it?

    • ChiefsFansOfTheNorth

      I don’t know about anyone else, but for the last year my T-mobile service literally goes off to NO SIGNAL not only in Arrowhead Stadium, but in the dang parking lot!! Strange thing is, as soon as I leave the parking lot, BOOM all services restore and my email and text msgs flood all of the sudden. Hmm a bit odd? YES
      Is this a Sprint tactic to ‘knock out’ their competition like using a jammer of their competitors known signals and protocols?!
      I couldn’t even call 911 if I had needed to in this supposed dead zone which is Arrowhead. That really sucks cause I wanna post pics and status updates from the games and can’t even text message family or make phone calls, does any other service do this in Arrowhead? Please chime in verizon, at&t, and other carrier users.

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