Regular season ends with a thud

That sound you hear was one of two things – Kansas City Chiefs fans banging their heads against a wall or the sudden end to the regular season.

It’s rare you see a division champion get punked – at home – like that, especially with all of their starters in the game and – in theory – something to play for.

But it happened and the Chiefs fell to the Oakland Raiders, 31-0 Sunday and turned into scoreboard watchers Sunday, trying to figure out who they will play in the first round of the playoffs – the Baltimore Ravens or the New York Jets.

Today’s biggest culprit – the offensive line. Wasn’t even close. Matt Cassel had no time. Outside of one run, there were no openings for the running backs.

Take away the 47-yard run by Jamaal Charles and you’re looking at a 2.3-yard average for the Chiefs running backs.

Not good.

The defense – also not good. They looked good early. They disappeared. This was the worst defensive effort at home this season.

So where are we now?

After the Indianapolis Colts knocked off the Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs are now the fourth seed. They play Baltimore next weekend at Arrowhead.

I like the matchup. I may be nuts for that, but the Chiefs avoid Darrelle Revis of the Jets and by doing that guarantee Dwayne Bowe is part of the offense, even if Charlie Weis really isn’t anymore.

Everyone was upset after this last game and I don’t blame them. I look at it differently though. Charles and Cassel are healthy – and I was worried about that during the game. You’re healthy. You have a playoff home game. That’s a win. The season is a win.

Everything else now is gravy.

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  • The score was 31-10 but still a shellacking. There was a lot of apathy in the Chiefs’ play today. It was a game where, in retrospect, it wasn’t worth trying because they effectively “tried” and failed.

    The whole offensive line was bad but the Chiefs need all but Richardson to win playoff games so I will pick on him. Why are they still playing him? He had a good run but you mean to tell me that there was zero fallout when he accrued all those penalties, hasn’t done as well and punched a coach? You would think there would be.

    I don’t think this game matters. It hurts to lose the #3 seed but there is still a game at Arrowhead and this team will bounce back. I don’t know if it will be enough of a bounce-back to beat the Ravens but we will see.

  • I gotta be the voice of optimism. There are two reasons why I still have hope for the Chiefs in the playoffs:

    1.) Playing Baltimore and then the Steelers sounds tough but they are similar opponents that aren’t really explosive offensively. We played Baltimore close, and beat Pittsburgh with a much less talented team. And I’d still rather be on the side of the bracket that has those two rather than the one with the Indianapolis and the Patriots.

    2.) If you look back in Chiefs history when they won superbowl IV in 1969, they opened the season by beating a high-powered Chargers team, and ended it with a loss to the Raiders who also didn’t make it that year. I wonder if history will repeat itself?

    Interesting huh?

    I’m not worried about the Chiefs, because everytime they’ve lost this season, they’ve come back focused the following week; which is exactly where they need to be.

  • Oh yeah. I was referring to last season in regards to Baltimore and Pitt.

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