The Rally Beard and the Kansas City Chiefs

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t know what it is but here recently I’ve pretty much been a profit in my blogs (hope you’ve been paying attention)! I stated that everyone needed to stop panicking about Todd Haley and just let him coach. I stated that the Kansas City Chiefs would be 3-3 at this point. I also predicted that the Oakland Raiders where over rated and would be an epic fail last week! OK enough gloating lets dabble in this Raiders game before looking at the fine points of whats to come.

Brandon Flowers flexing on the Black Hole

Last week against the Raiders was a total team win! The Chiefs took away the pass on defense, had a great showing of special teams and the offense looked good (well the receivers did). I’m going to start with that the receivers. Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston should each get a third of what Matt Cassel makes every week. These guys over and over again made great catches on poorly thrown balls! Made amazing runs after the catch and just shredded a weak Raiders secondary. Dwayne Bowe continues to impress me. He just continues to make amazing catches from these horrible passes Cassel is throwing him. Steve Breaston is looking like may be one of the biggest free agent signs in all the NFL. Breaston is elusive, quick and has tremendous hands. He also is play as a true number two where he has never played at. The Chiefs are running Jonathan Baldwin in the slot with Bowe and Breaston as the main dish.

Matt Cassel – I don’t know if you caught all the jabs I threw at him last paragraph but this guy isn’t a good QB. I watched the Raiders game five times, that’s right five times, and Cassel didn’t have one good pass. Cassel just isn’t the future of this team. The Chiefs need to draft a QB this year in the first round and stick with him. Maybe let Cassel play one more year as a Chief then kick him to the curb or let him play his true position which is a back up QB.

On to the defense, which looked amazing, by the way! Looks can be deceiving though. The defense completely shut down the pass but gave up 155 yards rushing and still the Raiders passed for 167 yards. I mean don’t get me wrong I couldn’t be happier with the defense but for some reason we just always have two or three plays where they break for 15 or 20 yard runs. The secondary is actually starting to gel together and, my lord, Derrick Johnson is a BEAST! If Johnson doesn’t make the pro bowl this year I will be highly disappointed. The D-line played good, Chiefs outside backers just don’t seem to be able to seal the edge to prevent those long toss plays.  I also will give credit where credit is due, and that is to Tyson Jackson. He might have had one of his best games ever, and I don’t even think he had a tackle, but he continued to dominate the Raiders offensive line.

A struggle that the Chiefs are having is in the rushing game. The Chiefs sorely miss Mr. Jamaal Charles and you can see it when the Chiefs try to run the ball. The Chiefs ended up with 139 yards rushing, but most of that came towards the end of the game.  I know the Raiders have one of the best front sevens in the NFL, but the Chiefs just couldn’t gash it all. It seemed to me that Dexter McCluster had the most success against it. That could be because most of our run plays are set up to be for a slasher back and not a power back which that is what Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle are. This is a problem because you are leaving the game in the hands of Matt Cassel and you know how I feel about this clown. There was a minute and change left in the first half and the Chiefs didn’t let Cassel try to throw down field because he lacks arm strength and decision making. If you think I’m lying, go back and watch the game, Cassel had two picks, one on a Hail Mary, the  he just threw into five Raiders with no receiver in the area.

OK, enough Cassel hating for now, let me shine the light on the special teams. Everyone says Javier Arenas was a wasted draft pick in the 2nd round of the 2010 NFL draft (50th overall), but not I. This guys is a guaranteed ten yards return after every punt. He is just a very strong shifty guy. He can’t cover as a corner, but he sure can return the ball on punts and kicks. Arenas never goes down after the first hit, heck he really never goes down ’til he is gang tackled. Also, mad props to the play calling when Arenas scored a rushing touchdown while in the wildcat formation! The Chiefs punt team was amazing in week 7 also, pinning the Raiders inside the twenty multiple times.

Now, the Chiefs are in line for a three way tie for first with a win on Monday night against the San Diego Chargers! Is it me, or does this game have a playoff feel to it? The Chargers are coming to town and the main thing that scares me about San Diego is that TE Antonio Gates is back. Something about good tight ends and the Chiefs coverage. It seems that the Chiefs just can’t figure out how to cover tight ends. It’s kind of like the boot leg and John Elway back in the day. The Chiefs couldn’t ever stop that either.

I’m ready to see how many times Phillip “the cry baby” Rivers is caught on camera bitching and whining!  I really think the Chiefs though are on a hot streak and Haley has them playing some amazing football! The rust is finally worn away from this off season and the Chiefs look like the team we thought they were.  I see the Chiefs winning this game by ten and it being close but Arrowhead will be rocking like no other and the Chargers will lose it in the fourth quarter. Leaving the Chiefs in prime position to be 4-3 with the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos to come. I see the Chiefs winning both of those games… As long as we don’t get Tebowed!

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