Raiders got TebowD in the Mouth in Oakland!

After getting beat by the Awful Kansas City Chiefs, The Oakland Raiders thought they would sleep walk through the Denver Broncos. Instead, Tim Tebow’s rushing and passing, and the great rushing game of  Willis McGahee put a stop to the Raiders. Granted, the Raiders are still trying to transition with a new QuarterBack. Carson Palmer got his first start to the season as the Raiders QB and had some very crisp throws. Some Drops and some passes that he got away with from being intercepted. Palmer is still heavy footed and hasnt gotten the ryhtm in his head as when its time to flee the pocket, but that just comes with reps, I think Palmer will end up putting up good numbers for Oakland, It just takes Time.

Now onto the DMT’s (Denver McGahee Tebows) as Woody Paige calls them. That offensive output was 100% all on the coaching. John Fox and his staff finally made a game plan to use  with Tebow’s strengths, which helped Tebow throw the ball down field. Even though he had 2 throws way off targets that were wide open, Tebow bounced back and threw a completion right after it. one  was for a TouchDown.  Tebow also rushed for 118 yards making have 3 of the top 4 rushing games all time for Broncos QBs. With the running calls and the QB sneaks and the pass plays mixed in great, allowed Tebow to play to his strengths and kept the penalty riddled Raider defense on the Field. Tebow looked like an NFL quarterback with the great coaching of Fox and staff.

Next week is the battle for the AFC west. with the Raiders playing the Chargers on Thursday and Chiefs playing host to the Broncos, could end the 3 way tie for AFC west leader. Or could just add more confusion.

John Fox will have to change things up for next week heading into Broken ArrowHead. Im sure the Chiefs wont take this week of preperation lightly as they did the Dolphins week.

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  • “Tebow looked like a NFL quarterback with the great coaching of Fox and his staff”

    Are you saying
    A) the coaching staff had to put in extra work to deal with Tebows short comings?
    B) If it wasn’t for John Fox and his staff Denver wouldn’t have won?
    C) without the coaching staff Tebow would have looked more lost than usual?
    D) All of the above?

  • D, thats what the Blog was about! or were you asking yourself that question?

  • @ Carlos: Checkmate

  • You didnt realize the King can move any directions,, I think you got this game confused with Checkers!..

    Lets say Tebow was on the Chiefs. He would look even worse OFF than he does now, even though he is doing better with the coaching staff playing to his strengths,,

    kinda Like Cassel, Coach Bill Belicheck Made Cassel Look like a ProBowl QB, Even tricked a Team to paying this guy 35 million dollars garanteed. Then Cassel Hasnt Even come close to that year he had with The Patriots coaching staff!
    Most QBs are as good as they are allowed to be by their Coach! unless your a Peyton or Brady or Elway! the rest are just Pawns!

  • If Tebow played on the Chiefs like he’s playing in Denver I would say the exact same things that I’m saying now.

    I never said Cassel was elite. When he was in New England he did well because of the talent around him. You know, like every Denver running back that ever had success because the O line was so good.

  • I think I’m going to wait for 10 starts from Tebow before I really start forming a true opinion about his NFL play.

    He seems like a good guy, but I don’t care to hear his Jesus talk in EVERY single interview. Those are my only opinions (mostly) right now.

  • Tebow doesnt give us Hope, He Gives us a Reason to Enjoy the Rest of the Season!

    One thing that is for sure , is if Tebow was on the Chiefs, and when the Chiefs were 0-3 and All hope was gone, Im positive that Tebow would have become your starter, not because he gave you a better chance to win but because you needed change and you Had to see what you had in your 1st round QB and the Only QB thats under contract after this Season.

    So iftebow gets out there and in the first game throws for like 70 yards then the next game he breaks 100 then next game he throws for 130 and rushess for over 100,, I would say he is progressing.

    So with all that said, I would just like to thank God for the opportunity to write on this site, and the Lord Jesus Christ for Lettting me be born a Bronco Fan ;)

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