Playoffs? Not likely for Chiefs right now

I know this particular slot is supposed to be for analysis of that day’s game. Before I go on, let me ask, does anyone REALLY want me to revisit this game? No? OK then.

When the Kansas City Chiefs started the month of November I thought to myself, “Self, these first two games are going to be huge.”

With a pair of road games at the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos I thought again to myself, “Self, the Chiefs had better get ONE of these two games. They don’t have to get both, but they need to get one.”

Apparently, I should have had that conversation with the Chiefs instead of myself.

After the 49-29 loss that wasn’t as close as the final score indicated Sunday, the Chiefs find themselves not in first place for the first time this season.

(And Tom, before you jump on me, I’m saying they’re not in first place because if the season ended today, the division would go to the Raiders. Ipso facto, not in first place.)

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And now, the Chiefs are in a very dangerous place.

I can hear the talk now. “But Jason, the schedule is going to get easier.”

Really? Three of the seven games left are at the San Diego Chargers and then “revenge” games against teams who have just beaten the Chiefs in the last two weeks. Throw in a good Tennessee Titans team and there aren’t too many “easy” wins left.

The Arizona Cardinals are next. And just like with the Seattle Seahawks, I have no idea what to make of the NFC West. Also, a road game in St. Louis to take on the Rams.

Outside of possibly the Arizona game, I don’t see a “should” win in the entire bunch.

Then again, I don’t consider ANYTHING a “should” win after today. Because this Broncos game WAS a “should” win.

We’re going to find out what this team is made of over the next few weeks. Everything needs work – the offense, the defense, the special teams. All of it.

As far as Chiefs playoff talk? I’m done talking about it. It doesn’t exist right now until this team shows me something. In fact, I chose Jim Mora for the picture on this just to emphasize the point. When anyone talks playoffs with this team right now, think of Mora.

And honestly? Playoff hopes for this team were very optimistic. This team got off to a good start, but it was just that – a good start. I heard some people in Oakland were comparing this year’s Chiefs team to the Broncos of the last two seasons: Good start, crappy finish, 7-9. I could see that happening.

And you can say, “this team is better than that” all you want. But until this team shows me it’s better in these final seven games, I’m tired of hearing it.

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  • I wouldn’t say playoff hopes are “very optimistic.” I’d say right now it has around a 50/50 shot of happening, maybe a little higher. We’re tied for first still. This team will have more chances. This is why getting off to such a huge lead in the division was so important, it allowed us a chance to screw up. now we need go get back on our feet.

  • Tom: This team had a chance to bury this division. Honestly? This whole thing is a little too much like “Karate Kid” to me.

    The Chiefs were the Cobra Kai early on. They should have swept the knee.

    San Diego is Daniel Laruso and he’s pissed. I will honestly say I will be surprised if the Chargers don’t win this division.

    There is only one game left where the Chargers won’t be favored, and that’s Indy – a team the Chargers always have success against.

    I know you’re the “optimist” on this one. But even you saying 50/50 should show how dire this thing is.

    Since starting 3-0, the Chiefs are 2-4.

  • how “dire” it is? come on dude. chiefs have the easiest schedule of the 4 teams from here on out and although we lost two in a row in the division, I don’t believe any of the teams are definitively “better” than us. WE ARE IN FIRST PLACE. with just 7 games to go. The situation is not “dire.”

  • How is it easier than San Diego’s? They get Chiefs at home. Raiders at home. Broncos at home. Also get the 49ers at home. Their one tough game is a team in Indy who they’ve plagued for years.

    If I’m choosing “easiest schedule remaining” I’m choosing SD .

  • I fall on Tom’s side of the argument. Although I am disheartened at this terrible loss, the Chiefs still have an easy schedule. It may make the SD game a must-win. The problem with a loss like this is it doesn’t encourage much hope that the Chiefs can win vs. some of these teams. Obviously, they had safety troubles but this team wasn’t prepared to face the Denver offense and, at this point in the season, that shouldn’t happen. I am feeling like the Chiefs are an illusion. They should do well down the stretch but will they? Can the Chiefs go on the road and beat anybody?

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