Pick a Side: Scott Pioli or Todd Haley

A rift is beginning to form between Kansas City Chiefs fans. One side blaming General Manager Scott Pioli for the failures of the 2011 KC Chiefs, the other side blaming Head Coach Todd Haley.

Who is most at fault for the failure of the Chiefs in 2011?

Tell us why in the comments section below!

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  • As far as actually picking camps goes, this would be a better question if the Chiefs won gjeir last 2 games. I would have loved to see Haley force Pioli’s hand because it is clear Scott wants him gone. Now he has enough reasons. We as Chiefs fans must have high expectations for the next hire. It can’t be another experiment. It must be a real hire for a team that should have enough talentto compete in the next few years. I have doubts Scott will go that direction but, either way, GM’s should only get two chances unless they have a ring with the team. This time, his hire counts. No more of this fucking around.

  • I think that Scott Pioli has made some mistakes. He is not 100% innocent nor 100% guilty. I think his biggest mistakes come during the offseason in who the team decides to and not to trade for or draft. He is also responsible with the staff. He has to find a cohesive unit that has enough knowledge and talent to utilize the talent the team has. Haley’s faults are more visible because they are directly tied to the team and the players. He has not come into the season prepared for the start, and I know he is not the only responsible party, but the play calls just flat out stink! I don’t think he is at risk of losing his job, but Clark Hunt may not let him off the “hot seat” just yet!

  • I’m putting the blame on Pioli… How the hell can he justify not spending up to the cap, when his owner gave the power to do so.

    There is ZERO depth on this team and it is missing MANY key parts, especially on the lines… This failure falls squarely on Pioli!

  • That is Pioli’s largest and most glaring fault. He had the permission of Clark Hunt and since there was no magic number, and every knew what the cap was, why not make an attempt to get closer to it. My only defense is that they knew there was going to be some marque players that they would have to re-sign from within, and wanted to make sure they kept them first. In a sense, they sacrificed this season by doing so. Zero depth is accurate, but who knew we would rely on a 3rd string safety and a practice squad RB? I think the bigger concern to the depth issue, is the talent level of the backups?

  • FYI – The salary cap floor does not go into effect until 2013….but still no reason not to spend now!

  • Personally, I wish they had gone after Nnamdi, who signed for slightly (in NFL terms) more than Flowers. That would have allowed the Chiefs to have Nnamdi, Flowers and Carr all on the field at the same time (in many cases, with today’s NFL), then decide which CB out of Flowers or Carr to resign during or after the season.

    If you’re serious about contending, you gotta have some balls and make a bold move…

  • Agreed! There were some other players along the DL and OL which I wish they would have went after, but Nnamdi would have been nice, but with Carr and Flowers, I could see why not.

  • Its sucks to be Todd Haley, with the injuries he has been put in a no win situation. But aren’t the injuries partly his fault? WE had a weak training camp and all of a subben we can’t stop the injuries. Todd has ran off all his assistant coaches, I’m thinking we need a proven coach that can work with Pioli in evaluating talent. Com’on Jeff Fisher, Brian Billick or chucky! Pioli is at fault for bringing the untalented QB to town and for that he deserves some of the blame. No one has clean hands, but give Pioli a chance to get a real coach.

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