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With or Without Palmer – Chiefs Don’t Need to be Afraid of Raiders

Well, not a lot has gone on this week so this might be a short blog (I hate the bye week).  I don’t know about you but I am so excited the Oakland Raiders have traded away their entire draft in the last three years! The final part came this week with Carson Palmer, I couldn’t  love this more as a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Carson Palmer, last year as a starter with a Cincinnati Bengals team that had amazing weapons including: Jordan Shipley, Terrell Owens,  Chad Ochocinco, Jermaine Gresham and Cedric Benson. Palmer, threw 28 tds to 20 ints along with 3,970 yards. This should give us hope as Chiefs fans because the Raiders don’t have anything close to the weapons the Bengals had in 2010. The Raiders have a good running back in Darren McFadden and a great front seven on defense. Palmer’s arm also has lost some zip, plus he isn’t mobile enough to escape the pocket when a pass play breaks down. The Raiders offense was decent with Jason Campbell because he could move around.

I don’t understand why the Raiders went with Palmer, when they have Terrelle Pryor waiting in the wings. Also, I don’t see what they plan to do with Jason Campbell; nobody is going to give them, in trade, what they gave to acquire him ( 4th rd pick). I guess that is why they are the Raiders… What that organization does really never makes sense… Except in 1999 when the Chiefs let Rich Gannon leave Kansas City as a free agent and Gannon later took the Raiders to Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

I  still see the Chiefs going into Oakland as the underdog and coming out with a win. Jason Campbell going down couldn’t of happened at a better time for the Chiefs. Even if Oakland doesn’t start Palmer, I don’t fear Kyle Boller either.Ultimately, I believe Oakland will start Boller at QB, but pull him  at some point and plug in Carson Palmer, which will be a total disaster!

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